Mojo Review - En fuego
Oct 19th 2015 By:Marty Smith

Mojo Review - En fuego

Mojo Review - En Fuego

Mojo Review - en fuego. Drew returned from England with a tiny black box sure to set audiophile and music lover ears on fire - Chord Electronics new Mojo Digital Analog Converter (DAC) and headphones amp. Today I heard what the fuss was about. Can't get much more "on fire" than Chord's new DAC. Moon's first shipment is SOLD OUT. The second shipment is almost sold out.

Moon is shipping Mojos first ordered, first shipped. Glad my order is in queue.

Chord's Mojo may be hard to find this Christmas, so treat your ears order early and often. Don't believe all the "we've got it and are shipping" claims as most are bogus. is a HUGE supporter and Chord Electronics partner. No one will have or sell more Mojos in the USA than Drew and Moon Audio.

Note how I only shared Mojo with friends AFTER my order was in (smile).

For a long time today I tried to visualize or articulate the Mojo's sound. Santana Abraxas, Black Magic Women and Carlos Santana's amazing Woodstock performance help visualize Mojo's powerful, mystical and magical sound.

Here is a piece of the review I wrote after listening to Drew's Mojo for several hours:

Chord Electronics has done it again. Their little "black box" the Mojo headphone amp and Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) has my iPhone's sound on steroids and I mean that in nothing but the best way possible... Read My Mojo Review

Discover Chord's new Mojo Here: Chord Mojo Product page (where my review lives) Mojo Magazine on Drew's Mojo Review