Best High-End Sound for iPad, iPhone and HiFi Audio

Best iPad HiFi Headphone Setup

Moon Audio gets emails and phone calls all the time about how do I get the best sound from my iPad, iPhone, at work, at home, on the go, etc.??

Drew is going to attempt to answer this question in our 3 most popular setups of the moment.

Today, Drew will explain the Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 Headphone Cable with an Apple iPad connector and how it can improve the sound quality and ease of iPad or iPhone listening with your headphones at work, on the go or on the plane.

The Silver Dragon V3 can improve the listening enjoyment of most high-end headphones and it has lots of detail, great energy, a fantastic soundstage with lots of air.

The SD V3 is a great candidate for headphones such as Sennheiser HD650 (a darker/warmer sounding can) or such headphones as the Hifiman HE-500, HE-6 and the Audeze LCD-2 and LCD3, which are planar magnetic driver headphones and warmer sounding headphones.

The Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 is not a good choice for a thin sounding headphone like the AKG K701. Nor is it a good choice for a forward sounding Grado RS-1, which is very much like a studio monitor or an up close and personal headphone sound.  However, there are still folks out there that are detail freaks and want to push or tip things more forward so we have actually re-cabled these 2 examples with the Moon Audio Silver Dragon.  As Drew explains, it just depends on what you are trying to do.

The Moon Audio Silver Dragon is also a good choice for a phone that has a bloated bottom end like the Ultrasone Pro900.  The SDV3 will tighten the bass and make it more defined.

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