Best Hifi Sound while traveling with Sennheiser HD800

Many of our clients here at Moon Audio want a BETTER option of traveling with their high-end headphones without having to carry along their 20-foot headphone cable on a plane.  For instance, one of our clients just ordered a pair of Sennheiser HD800 headphones.  Drew created a "headphone adapter system" with our Silver Dragon, Black Dragon and Blue Dragon line of custom headphone cables a few years ago.

When our clients travel, they want to plug their Senn HD800 headphones into a small portable DAC amp device using 1/4" headphone jack. At home, our clients want to plug the HD800 headphones using a 20-foot cord headphone cable which is too long for travel headphone use. For travel use, a 5 foot or 10-foot headphone cable is long enough and perfect for a MacBook pro setup for watching a movie or a portable DAC setup with your iPhone as the music source only.   Our clients at Moon Audio understand that Drew Baird, developed this "headphone adapter system" so Moon Audio makes a cable for their Sennheiser HD800 that connects it directly into the headphone so this sounds like it is permanently attached to the headphones.

This is what to order to complete your headphone adapter system by Moon Audio for your HD800 headphones, Audeze LCD2, LCD-3 or any other high-end headphone we can make them for.

Ultrasone Edition 8 paladium Adapter cable setup by Moon Audio

This is an Ultrasone Edition 8 Palladium -with a Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 Headphone Cable with Silver Dragon V3 Headphone Cable adapter cables for different connections for portable use.

5ft Black Dragon V2 Headphone cable for HD800 with Switchcraft Mini 4pin male XLR (this is for hifi portable headphone use on the plane, hotel, train, coffee shop, etc.)

Then order 2 custom headphone adapter cables: (one for headphone adapter cable for home and one for portable use)

1ft Black Dragon V2 Headphone adapter cable with Switchcraft Mini 4pin female XLR to 1/4" Furutech Plug (this one works with the portable 5ft cable above to plug into the amp)

15ft Black Dragon V2 Headphone adapter cable with Switchcraft Mini 4pin female XLR to either single Neutrik 4pin Male XLR or Dual 3pin Male Neutrik XLRs (this one is for home use in a listening room so you have a longer length to reach from the amp to the sofa or to drown out the sound for the wife) :)

or order a 5ft headphone cable for travel and 20ft headphone cable for home. Obviously, the above adapter setup gives more flexibility down the road if you add other items to your hifi portable set up.

Moon Audio hopes this helps...for a more in-depth explanation of our Adapter Headphone Cables you can see this previous blog post HERE.