Portable HiFi for iPhone, iPod with Custom Connections

Here at Moon Audio, we hear daily (to the tune of 100's of emails) the same questions a lot. One we hear daily, if not hourly now is, "I am looking for a high-quality portable rig for my iPhone or iPod, I have a few questions or what do you recommend?" or "How do I connect all of my iDevices or gadgets and still have HiFi or high end sound quality?"

If you are looking at connecting a PC or your Apple iDevice with a portable headphone amp, Moon Audio recommends the Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo -dB DAC so you can pull the digital signal from your Apple™ iDevices If your hifi product has the ability to output digital audio, the new Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo -dB can process it. Whether it is from your Desktop, Laptop, Galaxy III or Apple idevice the Solo -dB has 2 separate digital USB inputs to handle your digital format. The Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo -dB also offers a built-in 24/192 DAC to convert your digital to a fully balanced analog output. Moon Audio can help with all of your CUSTOMIZED headphones, digital cables, headphone cables and IEM headphone cables.

Moon Audio Silver Dragon V1 IEM Ultimate Ears Triple Fi Headphone Cable

For use with Computers, Drew recommends using the Moon Audio Blue Dragon USB Cable or the Silver Dragon USB cable.

silver dragon usb cable

Blue Dragon USB Cable with the iQube V3 Headphone Amplifier plus DAC

For use with Apple iDevice with 30-pin or Lightning Connection, Drew recommends using the ADL LOD cables.

Additional cables and longer versions of Moon Audio's portable mini cables can be found in the Moon Audio Mini Cable page.

Also, if you have the Ray Samuels Intruder, fully balanced amp/USB DAC, or the Ray Samuels SR71B, Moon Audio can make many custom audio cables with the RSA/ALO/CEtrance connector. In fact, Ray Samuels recommends Moon Audio to his customers when they ask where to go for a custom audio cable that connects their high-end headphones to his phenomenal amplifier/USB DAC.

For this particular customer request/questions, he owned the Audeze LCD-2 headphones and the HiFiMan HE-500 headphones. He wanted a balanced headphone cable built for both headphone setups. Drew recommended the Silver Dragon V3 Headphone Cable with an RSA plug for the LCD2 by Audeze. Drew also recommended the Blue Dragon V3 Headphone Cable for the HiFiMan HE-500 with an RSA plug. This customer chose 6 feet on both headphone cables (not the standard 5ft, 10ft, 15ft sizing most people choose) and Moon Audio was happy to oblige as we do custom headphone cables every day by hand in our small audio custom shop in Cary, NC. After all, CUSTOMIZED connections are our specialty... :)

More tomorrow...stay tuned for WHY Drew recommended these headphone cables for each headphone...the differences it makes in sound, etc. on the Audeze LCD-2 and the HiFiMan HE-500...