Listening 101

Listening 101

Moon Audio finally has a BLOG!

Yippee, we are on board and are making attempts to be current and on board with our loyal customers, followers, groupies, rock stars and friends alike!

Welcome, welcome, welcome...and thank you for reading this!

We are going to try and unleash some of our "why" for doing things over here in the audiophile marketplace, create some question and answer scenarios for audiophiles alike and listen to all of your wonderful feedback we hope you take the time to send!  Moon Audio hopes this feedback leads to a better understanding of what Drew Baird, P.E. President/Owner does here at Moon Audio, why we develop the products we develop and the thought process and/or market research we use to develop them.  Drew also plans on illustrating and explaining how and why audiophiles and music lovers alike can use them in everyday life.

We like to say here at Moon Audio...Hear the Difference...and we hope that once you listen to our Silver Dragon Custom IEM Upgrade Cable, Silver Dragon, Black Dragon or Blue Dragon Headphone Cables you will not be asking “why” again and only how long is it before you can ship one to me?? :)

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