JH Audio Siren Series IEMs - How to Choose

JH Audio Siren Series IEMs - How to Choose

“Which JH Audio Siren Series Universal IEM should I choose?”

Since JH Audio teamed up with Astell & Kern to introduce the universal Layla and Angie, people have been trying to decide which Siren they should choose. We've added some good information to help you choose the right IEMor earphone that is best for you.

How to choose the right Siren IEM for you.

  1. What are your music preferences and listening experience goals?
    • Are you more interested in heavy bass and fun sound signature?
    • Are you looking for a more finely detailed listening session?
  2. Would you prefer custom or universal IEMs?
    • Choosing between a custom or universal IEM affects the price and availability of the earphones
    • What’s the difference?
      • Custom IEMs are specifically molded to your ear so no one else is able to use them. Since the IEM is molded just for your ears, noise isolation is increased and you become closer to the music.
      • With Custom IEMs, you are required to go get your ear molds from an audiologist and then the earphones are created from that mold. Because of this process, it can take 6-8 weeks to receive your custom IEMs and sometimes longer depending on the volume of orders at the shop, etc.
      • Universal IEMs are ready to ship. So you can be enjoying them in just a few days. Although you will not get increased noise isolation from them as you would with a custom, you still get the high-resolution sound you expect from JH Audio and they can be resold later if you choose to upgrade.
  3. What is your IEM budget?
    • The Siren Series has options from $1099 to $2599, so you can choose the Siren and sound that fits your budget.

The Siren Breakdown


JH Audio Sirens Series Roxanne Custom In-Ear-Monitors JH Audio Sirens Series Roxanne Custom In-Ear-Monitors

The Roxanne is the first of the Sirens created by JH Audio. If you want a fun sounding, bass-centric IEM this is the way to go. The Roxanne is our favorite for listening to heart-pounding music like EDM and Rock.

The beauty of the Roxanne is the bass control IEM cable. You can control how your bass sounds to get that sweet beat you’ve been longing for.

Most of JH Audio’s IEMs are tuned for a little more emphasis on the lows and low mids. They are warmer in sound which fit great with heavier music.

Though not specifically designed for the Astell & Kern media players, the Roxanne is still a good match.

Like all JH Audio Sirens, the Roxanne comes in a universal and custom option for your preference. The Roxanne lies in the middle when it comes to price.

These IEMs can range from $1,200 to over $2,000 depending on custom options.


Astell & Kern Layla In Ear Monitors Astell & Kern Layla In-Ear Monitors

The Layla is the Flagship model of the Siren Series. Specifically tuned for Astell & Kern media players, the Layla is a true reference and mastering IEM.

Unlike the Roxanne and many other JH IEMs, the Layla is designed for an optimum top end and minimal distortion. This allows you to hear as pure of a sound as possible.

The Layla is originally designed for the Astell & Kern AK240’s balanced output. However, an unbalanced cable option is available so you can plug into any media or music player with a 3.5mm connection (most Android and iPhone, iPod, or iDevices have this connection).

Custom and Universal options available.

The Layla is the most expensive out of the Sirens but offers the best reference-quality sound in IEMs.

Its price ranges from $2,499 to over $2,795 depending on custom options.


Astell & Kern Angie In Ear Monitors (Universal IEM) Astell & Kern Angie In Ear Monitors (Universal IEM)

The Angie is the baby sister to the Layla. This IEM is also tuned for Astell & Kern media players and designed to be used as a mastering reference tool.

The Angie has the same 4th order crossover network as the Layla which is the most sophisticated network ever developed into an IEM.

Though the cheapest of the Sirens, the Angie still packs the quality and design of both JH Audio and Astell & Kern.

The difference in price comes from the number of drivers per each ear. There are 8 drivers vs. the 12 in the Layla.

Custom and Universal options available

The Angie Universal is $1,099 and the custom ranges from $1199 to about $1,495 depending on custom options.

Specs at a glance

Roxanne Layla Angie
Frequency Response 10Hz to 23kHz 10Hz to 23kHz 10Hz to 23kHz
Input Sensitivity 119dB @ 1mW 117dB @ 1mW 117dB @ 1mW
Impedance 15 Ohms 20 ohm 17 ohm

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