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The Los Angeles Audio Show 2017 was a great success June 2-4th. We interviewed Andy Regan with JH Audio about their new Lola IEMs. Interviews with Chord, Sonoma, and MyTek about their new products will be added to our blog later this week so please stay tuned.

Drew Baird interviewed Andy Regan, President of JH Audio, about the new JH Audio Lola IEMs. Available in Custom and Universal options, Andy explains the new technology behind the Lola drivers and the improvements Jerry made when he designed them. The JH Audio booth had a beautiful display highlighting the new performance series IEMs - JH16v2 Pro, JH13v2 Pro, Roxanne, and Lola. Check out our video with Andy about the Lola below.

Drew Baird of Moon Audio Interviews Andy Regan of JH Audio

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Lola IEMs (In-Ear Monitors) by JH Audio

I was lucky to have the opportunity to test the new JH Audio IEMs with an Astell & Kern AK70 Digital Music Player. While in Los Angeles, I was able to compare the whole line of performance series IEMs with the song L.A. Woman by The Doors. The intro L/R phasing captured the soundstage perfectly. I felt like I was listening to the band LIVE on stage from the front row. The bass control on the Universal IEMs was set around 1 o'clock. The low end was there so I didn't change it. Between the guitar and Jim Morrison's voice, the mid-range had great separation and control over the voicing, I loved it.

For the price point, these Lola Universal IEMs convinced me to sit down with the audiologist. I got my ears molded so I can design my own custom Lola IEMs. Whether you prefer Universal or Custom IEMs, I highly recommend checking out the new Lola. Shipping starts this week - Lola Universal IEMs & Lola Custom IEMs.

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