iTunes Music Transfer: Calyx M Player

iTunes Music Transfer to the Calyx M music player is simple & easy with our step by step instruction guide.

The Calyx M is a portable music player with a simple, intuitive user interface that is easy to use and upload your music collection to. Similar to the Questyle QP1R or the Astell & Kern AK100 ii or AK120 ii, it's one of our favorite music players to recommend in the $1000 price range.

iTunes Music Transfer: Calyx M Player

Apple Mac

Apple Mac and Calyx M

One of the top questions we answer about the Calyx M is whether it is Mac compatible. To make this clear, no music player other than the Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod can connect directly to your iTunes library. Apple has specifically designed the iTunes program for those specific devices. However, you can transfer your iTunes library to your Calyx M music player other ways.

Two ways for iTunes Music transfer to Calyx M with the Finder app.

Finder & Android File Transfer

Android File Transfer

When connecting your Calyx M to your Apple MacBook with a USB cable, download Android File Transfer app. The MacBook will need this app in order to recognize the Calyx M. No worries, this app is a free and easy to use program.

Finder & External SD Card

SD Card icon

With the Calyx M, you have the option to store your music to an external memory card like an SD or micro SD card prior to inserting it into the player. With this method, you do not need to download the Android File Transfer app. You will simply drag and drop music from your music folders to the SD card inserted into the computer.  See our link here to see step by step instructions: How to transfer music from Mac to Calyx M

Windows PC

Windows and Calyx M

JRiver Media Center

JRiver logo

Own a Windows-based PC or computer, we suggest using JRiver Media Catalog Software with your Calyx M.

We’ve mentioned the benefits of downloading JRiver to store and catalog your music collection in previous blog posts. The top benefit includes the storage of high-resolution music.

Please know, the JRiver program will only work on a Windows-based computer. It is a very simple program to use and if you have any experience with Apple iTunes then JRiver will be no problem for you.

Windows Explorer

Windows explorer

A third choice to transfer music to your Calyx M player includes the use of Windows Explorer to locate and transfer all your music.  See this link for step by step instructions on: How to transfer music from Windows Explorer to Calyx M Music Player 

See, it’s pretty easy, right? The Calyx M will become one of your favorite hifi audio devices in no time.

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