Introducing Rosson Audio Design: RAD-0 Headphones

A Headphone That’s Deeply Personal

Rosson Audio Design RAD-0

The new RAD-0 by Rosson Audio Design is now among the best audiophile high-end headphones on the market. It’s an immaculately crafted work of art, and yes, it sounds as good as it looks... Sonically, the new RAD-0 is outstanding. Visually, the aesthetics are breathtaking. At every angle, Alex Rosson's totally new design is stunning, and it completely surpasses all of our expectations. These are nothing short of endgame cans (period). We couldn't be more proud to usher it in as a new brand for our portfolio of high-end headphones. In fact, we love it so much (and everything that Alex Rosson and his new company stand for), we couldn't wait to bring the Dragon Premium cable experience to the RAD-0. We've been waiting patiently, but now we can finally say, it's here.

Drew’s Impression: “I HAD TO HAVE IT.”

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When Moon-Audio founder and inventor of Dragon custom audio cables, Drew Baird, went to Singapore to attend the annual CanJam Audio Show in 2019, he immediately recognized Rosson Audio’s new headphone creation was special. The beautiful aesthetics make each headphone a truly unique and personal choice for the individual. Because of Rosson Audio’s gorgeous and almost entrancing craftsmanship, no two are exactly alike. Impressed, Drew knew what he had to do: hear them!

“To my ears, the RAD-0 sounds like a cross between the Audeze LCD-4 and LCD-X headphones. Rosson Audio’s aesthetics and sound are simply stunning. Hearing it for the first time, it literally took my breath away. I had to have it.”

— Drew Baird, Founder | Moon-Audio

Who is Alex Rosson?

Alex Rosson

Rosson Audio Design RAD-0

Rosson Audio Design is the new brain-child of Alex Rosson who co-founded Audeze in 2008 with the brand’s current CEO, Sankar Thiagasamudram. Similar to Apple’s startup story, the duo started Audeze together, assembling headphones in a garage, and working late into the night and even weekends. From these humble beginnings, Audeze grew into a leader in planar magnetic technology, eventually becoming one of the most influential headphone brands in the industry. With Alex at the company’s helm, Audeze headphones even went on to win prestigious awards, including Stereophile Magazine’s 2014 Product of the Year and CES’s Digital Trend’s Top Tech in 2015. Speaking of Apple, Alex Rosson was instrumental in inking the deal between Audeze and the giant smart device maker as a major retailer for the company he helped co-found. It was after this feat that Alex says he felt ready to focus on something new.

Rosson Audio Design RAD-0

Now that co-founding an innovative brand like Audeze is under Alex Rosson’s belt, his latest headphone creation, the RAD-0, seems poised for similar greatness. But, besides co-founding a high-end headphone brand, who is Alex Rosson, really? Growing up around music in the Los Angeles area, Alex spent a majority of his career in the audio business as a musician and record label owner, and even as a mastering engineer. Before venturing into entrepreneurship with his Audeze co-founder, Alex worked as one of Technicolor’s top mastering engineers for nearly a decade. To say Alex Rosson knows a lot about music and high-end audio recordings is an understatement. The man knows his stuff.

If Alex Rosson’s resumé sounds interesting, then you might find his personal feelings about music and audio especially fascinating. Turns out, Alex’s passion for headphones runs a lot deeper than most CEO’s. Alex thinks of headphones as “personal therapeutic devices.” Life comes with all kinds of challenges, and it’s not always pleasurable. Similar to our tastes in music, headphones are deeply personal too. So, if escaping into our own little worlds through a headphone can be a healthy practice, then that’s something Alex says he can feel really positive about. 

Similarly, Steve Jobs has been quoted on numerous occasions for his acknowledgments of the personal computer as a device that would connect more people to something greater. For Alex Rosson, however, the headphone as a personal therapeutic device is born out of his compassion and empathy for the human condition. 

Rosson Audio Design RAD-0

As a musician, coming from the studio world, Alex’s love for musical gear is what originally got him out of bed in the morning. But it was an experience he recalls from his days at Audeze that reshaped his perspective and fuels the passion he has today to re-envision the headphone as a truly personal audio device. 

He fondly looks back on an experience where he and his team at Audeze received a video from a family in Romania, sobbing as they listened to a pair of headphones while thanking him and his co-workers. Having that kind of impact on people and their families is a huge part of what drives Rosson Audio Design to produce something that hopefully helps more people find some happiness.  

Rosson Audio’s mission statement notes the ability of music to transform the ordinary into something meaningful. The music picks us up when we are down, and it sets the mood for that special occasion. Music inspires the soundtrack of our daily lives, and according to Rosson Audio’s mission statement: 

“Whether you’re in need of a more therapeutic way to enjoy music or you’re an audio professional who requires the best in performance and quality, we’ve created a listening experience that lives up to our expectations of what a transcendent sound experience should be.”

A New Creative Outlet

Alex says his team at Rosson Audio Design has been with him since his days at Audeze. He says the team is very small and consists of his closest friends who share his same enthusiasm about building amazing products. With an artisan approach to every aspect of their business, the team developed the RAD-0’s driver completely from scratch. The entire operation at Alex Rosson Design is privately funded by Alex, himself. There are no investors. Every aspect of the business is all out of Alex’s pocket, so everything’s on the line. For Alex Rosson, building the most beautiful personal audio devices the world has ever heard is all about the passion to push his own creative boundaries. 

The RAD-0

Rosson Audio Design RAD-0

The new custom-designed headphone has a 66mm driver and 29-ohm impedance. To make the RAD-0 stand out from other high-end planar magnetic headphones on the market, Rosson Audio doesn’t just create stunning designs from whatever unique materials it can throw into a castor. The company pays special attention to the tuning and the voicing of the drivers. The engineering and design teams at Rosson Audio have achieved a sound signature that is well-balanced. As a musician and record label owner, himself, Alex felt it was important to create something that could be utilized for music listening enjoyment or for working on music. His vision for the RAD-0 was a product that is a beautiful tool that has enough clarity to let you work with it for hours. We think Rosson Audio’s new creation is stunning to look at and even more incredible to listen too. You really have to experience the RAD-0 for yourself.

The Dragon Premium Cable Advantage

At Moon-Audio, we’re so excited about the new RAD-0, we designed a special Dragon Premium cable for it. For serious audiophiles wanting to squeeze out every last drop of performance from these planar magnetic cans, we highly recommend either the Silver Dragon Premium Cable, or Black Dragon Premium Cable for the new RAD-0. The Premium versions are designed to optimize every point of signal saturation in only the most high-end headphones. Naturally, when trying to squeeze out every last percentage point of performance from a high-end headphone like the RAD-0, choosing the Premium versions just makes sense.  

Similar to the standard Black Dragon headphone cable, the Premium version is extremely smooth sounding and reveals remarkable low-end with wonderful voicing. The Black Dragon sound signature is the best match for smoothing out the top-end sizzle in Rosson Audio Design’s analytical, detailed and resolute premium planar magnetic headphone. 

Likewise, the standard Silver Dragon headphone cable is an excellent sound signature choice for detail junkies. The Silver Dragon sound signature is the best match for serious critical listening. For a more in-depth analysis of the differences between sound signatures of Dragon Cables, read our Sound Signature Guide

If you’re as excited as we are about Alex Rosson’s new company and the new flagship planar magnetic headphone, then head over to our shop to see all the beautiful designs you can choose from to make the new RAD-0 your own personal statement.

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So, what do you think about the new high-end headphone by Alex Rosson's new company? Let us know in the comments below! And as always, happy listening! 

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