HiFiMan HE-1000 Headphones Review

HiFiMan's HE-1000 has emerged as a major topic of discussion in the hifi audio discussion groups and for good reason.

The HE-1000 planar magnetic headphones definitely made our list of Drew's Top 3 reference headphones along with the Fostex TH900 & Audeze LCD-3.

HiFiMan HE-1000 headphones HiFiMan HE-1000

What makes the HE-1000 headphones review so special?

CNET calls the HE-1000, "quite possibly the best sounding headphones in the world" in their recent review.  Drew Baird, P.E. of Moon Audio, says they are definitely now one of his TOP reference headphones for critical & passionate listening.  And our own, Moon Audio Ambassador, Bryan Manuel shares his recent impressions on the HE-1000 in his review below...

Bryan Manuel - Moon Audio Ambassador Bryan Manuel - Moon Audio Ambassador

"Soundstage on the HE-1000 is simply amazing with laser-like precision in imaging.  Not only can you precisely locate instruments and particular sounds but you can also hear a distinct sense of spaciousness."

"The HE-1000 has some of the best bass I have ever heard...Compared to the HE-560, the bass is more musical and fun, without losing out on low-frequency detail.  Overall the bass is present when it needs to be, and with good quality and quantity," Bryan Manuel.

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