November Headphones of the Month: Auris Audio Amps

Auris Audio Amps and DACs are November's headphones system of the month. When Frank Iacone, a trusted friend and Headphone Guru founder, is excited about new gear, we want to learn more. When Frank recommended we sell Auris amps and digital to analog converters (DACs) we scheduled an audition and befriended the folks of Auris Audio at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018.

Moon Audio manufacturers and sells Dragon audio cables for headphones and audio gear. We ship our cables to audiophiles and music lovers around the world. But we also sell a number of the best headphones, digital to analog converters (DACs) and digital audio players (DAPs) in the world.

When we hear something exceptional, we immediately add the new brand. For every twenty new audio brands auditioned, we may only add one.

Here are five Reasons Auris Amps & Dacs landed on the Moon:

  • Smooth Detail
  • Craftsmanship
  • Value
  • Home Listening
  • Auris for Audiophiles and Music Lovers

Auris Amps and Dacs - Smooth Detail

I met Auris founder Milomir Trosic at RMAF and I immediately understood and agreed with his design philosophy. Our engineers have common goals - the creation of smooth yet detailed sound. We know how difficult pairing "smooth" and "detailed" is when building audio gear. I'm not a fan of laid back and lush. I want a detailed yet a musical sound signature. 

Smooth sound can easily "roll off" your music's detail. Overly detailed audio gear can sound cold and analytical or the opposite of "smooth." We spend a lot of time understanding headphone, DAC, and DAP sound signatures to create cables to accentuate positives and downplay negatives. 

Our Silver Dragon cables enhance mid to upper range detail and clarity. The Black Dragon cables help mid to lower range sound to create warm full sound. We have found Auris amps and DACs sound great with Focal headphones because Milomir's amps and DACs do the difficult thing - they create smooth detailed sound. This is very similar to Focal' approach.

Auris Amps and DACs - Craftsmanship

Customers love Auris' elegant wood, tube, and Retro look. Popping the hood to look at the Auris internal shows the same elegant and well-soldered circuitry. Craftsmanship assures durability and durability is crucial. The Power Supplies, in my opinion, are one of the most important parts in a Tube based product's design. Auris' over designs their's to the extreme.  As manufacturers, we can only afford to sell the best gear, where support is efficient, easy, and rare. Auris amps and DACs are rare combinations of elegant design inside and out with tank-like durability.

Auris Amps and DACs - Value

Value can be a strange concept for those unfamiliar with high-end audio. When Focal Utopia's were new they sold for $4,000 a pair. If audio isn't your passion such a price may seem absurd. When audiophiles and music lovers wrote reviews about Utopia's "value" they comment on their experience. A watch purchased at Walmart will tell the time the same way a Rolex would, yet Rolex has a huge following of owners. While some of the Auris products are not cheap, the performance to price ratio is exceeded. Hearing favorite music as if for the first time is a valuable benefit for some. Music and audio gear are passions for many. Just as models of BMWs are designed for and appeal to different groups, Auris high-end audio components provide value for audiophiles and music lovers.

Auris Amps and DACS - Home Listening

Auris amps and DACs are designed for listening to headphones at home. The Nirvana, for example, can drive any headphone load on the planet without batting an eyelash. But what is really insane is that it can drive 2 of them at the same time with ease. The ability to change impedance rations with the output transformers on the fly is key.

Auris Amps and DACs


Auris for Audiophiles image

Audiophiles search for uncompromising sound, for recording studio-like sound. Audiophiles who want to hear more "smooth detail" from their Focal, Audeze, or Sennheiser headphones will upgrade to the Auris Nirvana tube headphone amp and D2D DAC with Dragon cables.

Auris Nirvana Headphone Amp + D2D DAC to 

Focal Utopia with Black Dragon cables
Focal Clear with Silver Dragon cables
Audeze LCD-4 with Silver Dragon cables
Sennheiser HD800s with Silver Dragon cables

Music Lovers

Music Lovers Auris combination image

Music Lovers search for uncompromising value. Many music lovers play or played musical instruments. They have high "live performance" standards for audio gear. Here are our Auris music lover recommendations. 

Auris HA2 SE Tube Amp + D1D DAC to 

Focal Clear headphones with Silver Dragon premium cables
Audeze LCD-XC closed back headphones with Silver Dragon cables
Fostex THD900 closed-back headphones with Silver Dragon cables

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