Headphones of the Month - October 2018

Headphones of the Month - October 2018

Headphones of the Month - We blinked, and October is almost over. Before reaching Halloween and the end of the Focal headphones sale I wanted to share a few of my favorite things - Focal headphones, Dragon cables, and Astell & Kern digital audio players (DAPs).

Focal Headphones Sale ends on Halloween.
Follow the link to learn more about the Focal Utopia and Clear trade-in sale ending in a few days. 

Utopia + AUltima SP1000 with Black Dragon

Here is how I described Utopia in my review:

When you first put on a pair of Focal’s Utopia headphones, you feel the energy behind the sound. Holding the headphones in your hand while music plays feels like you’re holding a speaker, not a headphone.

We were inspired to create a new Black Dragon cable to support Focal's "speakers on your head" headphones. John from Illinois defined the challenge in his Focal Utopia review, "The Utopias sound like nothing: Nothing between you and the music. Nothing you have yet experienced." 

We designed our Black Dragon V2 upgrade cables to support, caress, and enrich what was already there - sound capable of making your ears smile. When you buy Utopia from the Moon select Black Dragon from the HEADPHONE CABLE drop-down menu. Already own Utopia? Upgrade with Black Dragon V2 headphone cable. 

Focal Utopia + Astell and Kern SP1000 is for audiophiles, music lovers, and pros who hear the difference. 

Focal Utopia headphones image Astell and Kern SP1000 DAP image
Utopia SP1000


Digital Audio Players - SP1000 & SP1000M

Digital Audio Players have come a long way since the Sony Walkman. Today a large capacity high fidelity digital audio player is, "Can't live without," gear for audiophiles and music lovers. And the Astell and Kern SP1000 and SP1000M are two of the best DAPs out there.

I'm spoiled. We have large capacity music streaming networks with thousands of musicians, albums, and recordings at home and in our office in Cary. Travel is another issue. Leaving home means grabbing a great sounding large capacity digital audio player (DAP). I've made trips with all the gear discussed here and your ears will smile listening to any of these bundles. 

Astell and Kern SP1000 and SP1000m image

The SP1000 is taller, wider, and deeper than the SP1000M. "M" Stands for mobile, but I've taken both models on the road.

Clear + SP100M with Silver Dragon

Lately, I take my SP1000M on the road and use the SP1000 at home. Both decks are great companions to Focal Utopia or Clear headphones. The Astell and Kern sound signature combines with Focal's cans and our cables.  

Focal Clear headphones image Focal SP1000 DAP Mini image
Clear SP1000M

Elegia + Kann with Silver Dragon

As noted in my Elegia review after the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival (RMAF), I love  Focal's new closed-back headphones. Noise isolation has never been better defined. Bass and the low-end sound is strong.

I recommend Silver Dragon cables to help expand these great new cans' soundstage and clarity. Read Moon Ambassador Marty's Elegia review to discover more about the sound difference between stock and Silver Dragon headphones cables. 

Astell & Kern's Kann digital audio player (DAP) is also a powerful headphone amplifier capable of driving Focal's latest headphones to perfection.

Focal Elegia headphones image
Elegia Kann

Elear + Norma (SR15) with Silver Dragon

As tennisman347 shared in his Elear headphones review, "They (Elear) feel like they will last forever, and it is amazing they can deliver such a high-quality product at a fairly reasonable price." Value is the right word to summarize these now easy to overlook but great less than $1K headphones. 

Upgrade Elear with Silver Dragon cables and add an A&K's Norma (SR15) to treat yourself to mobile high fidelity sound for less than $2K. 

Astell and Kern SR15 image and link
Elear SR15

Will work on November's headphones of the month soon. 

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