In a recent, headphones buying survey, we asked,

“What’s most important when you purchase a new pair of headphones?”

It’s clear that the strengths and weaknesses of the headphones are very important when buying a new pair as we heard this response the most.


How do you define "strengths and weaknesses" in terms of headphones?

  1. Are you looking for information on matching music genres to headphones?
  2. Connection options for headphones?
  3. Portability of headphones?

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Get Headphone “Rigged”

Feedback from many survey respondents offered up the idea of,

suggesting "What headphone Rigs" are the best? 


By “Rig” we mean an audio setup including gear like headphone amps, media players, Dacs, and Dragon cables that improve the sound & maximize the potential of your high-end headphones.

We learned that one of the barriers that new headphone lovers face is how to connect their headphones to cables & gear.  

We keep hearing the comment,  “I just bought these amazing headphones…now what gear will make them sound the best?”

We have given two examples below of 2 of our favorite headphone, cable & portable amp rigs.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Grado PS500E Headphones with Black Dragon headphone cable, iPhone 5, & iQube V5 Headphone Amplifier Grado PS500E Headphones, Black Dragon + iQube V5 Headphone Amplifier[/caption]

The Grado PS500e headphones are a lightweight headphone that sounds great at an affordable price point of $595.  The Grado headphones tend to be a bit tipped forward in sound signature, so we recommend adding our Black Dragon headphone cable to improve the bass, strengthen the mids & smooth out the top end of the PS500e.  The iQube V5 amp has a redeveloped famous class D output stage, a full new digital section capable of any signal including DSD single dual rate DoP.


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Shure SE425 Silver Dragon IEM iPhone iQube V5 Shure SE425 with Silver Dragon IEM headphone cable, iPhone 5, & iQube V5[/caption]

The Shure SE425 earphones with our Silver Dragon IEM & iQube v5 amp/DAC are a great combination for the audio enthusiast wanting superb sound for traveling, listening at the office or at home in environments where sound isolation is needed. 


Would headphone rig suggestions help you when making a headphone purchase decision?


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We would like to thank all of you who participated in the survey and shared your HiFi knowledge!

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Thank you!