Headphone Reviewers announced

After a whopping 427 votes, we are excited to announce the Ambassador Review Contest Winners!

Thanks so much for cheering on your friends, comrades, fellow music lovers & audiophiles.  We know they appreciate your support & votes!

Review Highlights

Below are some of our FAVORITE headphone & hifi gear review highlights from each ambassador.  They have done the listening sessions & completed the heavy lifting of writing their personal reviews on these headphones, amplifiers & DACs.

Check out their reviews on the: Chord Hugo, CEntrance HiFi M8, DT1350 by Beyerdynamic, HiFiMan HE-560, Sennheiser Hd800, Sennheiser HD700, Sennheiser HD8 DJ, and Shure SE-846 headphones.

Gustav Lindquist Gustav Lindquist

Gustav Lindqvist 

"How could it be that a $1500 headphone was NOT giving every single person who listened to it the chills?" Sennheiser HD800

"Trust your ears, not the price tag."  Chord Hugo

Read Gustav’s reviews on his Ambassador Profile

Old Mad Dog Old Mad Dog

Old Mad Dog (Michael)

"Music to not so much about the sounds emanating from equipment but about the music itself....I’ll always love music a thousand times more than the equipment."

Well said OMD!

Read Old Mad Dog’s reviews on his Ambassador Profile

Jonathan West Jonathan West

Jonathan West

"I love, truly love these monitors for I get chills when I talk about them let alone when I have them in my ears letting them drift me away to the performance I choose."  Shure SE846 earphones

Read Jonathan West’s reviews on his Ambassador Profile

Paul Dmitryev Paul Dmitryev

Paul Dmitryev

"I had a dream. A dream of portable, but powerful amplifier, that will be able to drive even power-hungry headphones with great authority and confidence...for me, "portable" amplifier means that I can easily take it with me. In my backpack. And use it with my laptop wherever I stop for work." CEntrance HiFi M8

We share Paul’s Dream!

Read Paul’s reviews on his Ambassador Profile

Matthew James Matthew James

Matt James

"Hip Hop and Electronica really shine. Details are fantastic. You can hear the breathy vocals of Megan James (Purity Ring)…in quiet parts, you can hear the sound of her tongue in her mouth…the pronounced plosives…you feel like she’s next to you." Sennheiser HD8 DJ headphones

We love Matt's description of Megan's breathy vocals & hearing the "sound of her tongue in her mouth".

Read Matt’s reviews on his Ambassador Profile

Jonathan Ly Jonathan Ly

Jonathan Ly

"The DT 1350 is an ideal can for an "on the go" listen. It can be driven primarily by a smartphone/media player that does not necessarily fit into the category of “audiopohile DAP,” and provide a wonderful musical experience. " Beyerdynamic DT1350

We agree with Jonathan, "on the go" listening & a wonderful music experience are important!

Read Jonathan’s reviews on his Ambassador Profile

Bryan Manuel Bryan Manuel

Bryan Manuel

"these {HiFiMan HE-560} headphones will meet the needs of the discriminating audiophile, and are able to confidently address the nuances of many musical genres."

Read Bryan’s reviews on his Ambassador Profile

Noah Yedigarian Noah Yedigarian

Noah Yedigarian

"Having the strong feeling of the presence of a live band is exceptional, but being on stage with the guitarist, singer, and drummer is a whole new world which is what these {Sennheiser HD700} headphones are capable of delivering."

We are passionate about that "whole new world" experience that high-end headphones can bring to our music.

Read Noah’s reviews on his Ambassador Profile

Congratulations and thanks to our first Official Reviewers!

Their Voice Is Important: Here’s How & Why

Contests are fun and we loved meeting new people who love music and audio gear as much as we do. We hope our first Reviewer Contest helped you feel the power we know exists - the power to help people find their music again, to hear and fall in love all over again.

Each Moon-Audio Reviewer Contest Winner: Gustav, Old Mad Dog, Paul, Jonathan W, Bryan, Jonathan L, Matt & Noah has won the ability to influence thousands and perhaps millions. Each day over a thousand people visit seeking audio advice and the best gear in the world.

As a Review Contest Winner they will have a piece of our blog. They will communicate their love, ideas, and thoughts about music, audio gear, life, art and meaning with hundreds, thousands and even millions over the next year.

Won't you join them in this endeavor and let us know what you want to hear about?

We welcome your comments below!

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