Halide Design HD DAC is back in production

Moon Audio was recently awarded the assembly of the Halide Design HD DAC and production of the analog interconnect side of the unit.

Halide Design was having some major part sourcing and production delays in late 2013 from other sources.  This led to extended delivery issues to the customer and some customer service issues.

Moon Audio is an audio cable manufacturer and has long been a dealer for Halide Design so it made sense to have everything done in one operation.  This recently helped speed up the operation for Halide and helped them get production back on track for the customer.


Building on the solid foundation of the devilsound DAC, the new DAC HD by Halide Design features completely reworked electronics and upgraded cabling.  The architecture features the same Streamlength™ asynchronous USB technology found in the Bridge, allowing for playback of high-resolution audio files with ultra-low jitter. This is the newest generation with improvements made to the analog output cables.

The Halide now uses a 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Silver 26AWG conductor within the interconnect section. The conductor uses Kevlar reinforcing to protect it from flex failure. This is important as the 6" analog cable legs are short and in most cases, they will hang from the back of your component.

The center conductor is wrapped concentrically by a 99.99998% UP-OCC silver plated single crystallized UP-OCC pure copper stranded 26AWG gauge conductor with 7N purity 99.99998% and the Cardas Rhodium/Silver plated connector is now used. Moon Audio found this connector had a tighter fit and smaller footprint for use with female RCAs that are closely spaced.  Manufactured lead-free, RoHS compliant in the USA.  All Halide products come with a one year warranty.

The HD Dac is a great product for the price and we are currently shipping these with no delays.

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