#Hack Headphones Contest Winners

Hack Headphones Contest Winners

Hack Headphones Contest Winners are:

Grand Prize:

$1,000 Headphones Hack by Drew and Moon Audio Hackers

Jared Sum (read Jared's entry below)

Headphones Hacker Tee at Moon Audio

Honorable Mention:

Winning I've Been Hacked Tees

Noah Akkerman
Nathaniel Bordigon
Lo Daniels
Delmar Gray
Vinh Tram

Jared's Story

After hours of deliberation and help from our judges at, we awarded the $1000 headphone hack to a self-described "new audiophile". Here is Jared's entry.

Hi! I've recently been exposed to the audiophile scene. I'm very interested in getting into music production after getting my first audiophile headphones today. hifiman_he400s_smI did quite a bit of research and visited many headphone shops to finally arrive at the decision of buying the Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 (note doesn't sell these headphones, but Drew says HiFiMan HE400s would be a great alternative for about the same money). It took two weeks of bugging friends and reading head-fi forums.

I accidentally stumbled on the world of electronic music about 1 year and 8 months ago. I was watching a video with a song I found catchy and found the channel called "Monstercat". Monstercat had a promotion were giving away a free album. I thought "why not get it since it's free?".

I got up at 4am and got the album. Since then I've fallen in love with my music and its quality. Music has gotten me through extremely tough and dark times and I owe a lot to it. Music and its artists have inspired me to try and pick up music production skills. I would love to get a head start. I'm not sure if my story is relevant or if my story even qualifies but I thought I'd give this (Hack Headphones Contest) a shot.

Thanks for reading!

Jared's picture:

Hack Headphones Contest winner picture

Any Headphones Can Sound Better

Jared's Audio Technica headphones cost less than $300. Hacking Jared's cans will demonstrate a favorite idea - any headphones sound better with a little hacking!

"What is a headphone hack ?," was a great question asked during our Hack Headphones Contest. Since we "hack" headphones daily with Dragon audio cables, new connectors and a variety of "better sound" prescriptions we took something for granted - everyone knows what a headphones hack is.

Headphones Hacks Defined

A headphones hack is any modification designed to improve headphone, earphone or In-Ear-Monitor sound. Headphone hacks can increase instrument separation, broaden the soundstage, and put you "in the music." Headphone hacks can compensate for headphone sound signature issues too (read Chesterfield's review on our Black Dragon + Sennheiser HD800 review for more about how cables can help sound signature).

Drew and the Moon Audio "Better Sound" Hacker Team will ask Jared what kind of music he likes in order to create a "sound better" plan for his cans. Jared's "sound better plan" will be individualized and may incorporate new cables, connectors, and other "secret sauce" headphones hacker ideas.

We loved Jared's new audiophile passion for electronic music and his story about research and finding help before purchasing his first set of headphones.  Music has helped everyone at Moon Audio through tough and dark times, too. We are passionate about helping the next generation of audiophiles find their best sound.

Thanks to everyone who entered our Hack Headphones Contest for making  #Hackheadphones a great success and so much fun! Audiophiles and music lovers from our home state (North Carolina) to countries such as Vietnam and Malaysia shared their "Please Hack My Headphones" stories.

Headphone Brands We Hack

Just about any headphones can be "hacked" by the headphone hacker team. Here are a few brands we routinely hack and many of these brands we've built Dragon Audio Cables for. Some YOU can hack, we call these DIY Hacks by replacing default cable with a Dragon.

A Few of Our Favorite Headphone Hacks

Fostex TH900 headphones hacked by silver dragon
Fostex TH900 Hacked by Silver Dragon
Shure_1540_with_black_dragon_v2_shure_headphone_cable (1 of 1)
Shure SRH1540 Hacked by Black Dragon
Ultrasone Signature Pro Hacked by Blue Dragon
See All Headphone Hacks
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