Win A $1,000 Headphones Hack! *

Hack Headphones Contest 2015 

Entering is easy!

1. TAKE A PICTURE of your headphones and music setup.

2. POST your headphones + setup picture with hashtag #hackheadphones to:

3. Best picture + "Why I want my Headphones to be Hacked" Story will win. 


Grand Prize: Headphone Hack by founder and Silver Dragon creator Drew Baird, P.E. worth up to $1,000 *

Other Prizes: 5 Entries will win Hack Your Headphones tees based on a random drawing.

Tshirt back

Every entry is entered in our Hack Your Headphones T-shirt Drawing. 

*Please note:
Shipping t-shirts around the world is too expensive, so International customers who win a tee receive a $20 credit instead.

Not all headphones can be hacked.

If the Grand Prize Winner's headphones can't be hacked, we will substitute a credit equal to the value of our Silver Dragon audio cable ($295). $1,000 hack prize is the value of cables AND the estimated 7 - 10 hours it takes to perform most hacks.

Hack Headphones Prizes

Grand Prize Winner will be selected by our expert panel by October 16, 2015.  

Expert Panel

We've approached several well known audiophiles. As soon as we have commitments we will profile our Hack Headphones judges here. 

DEADLINE Midnight Sunday 10/11/15
Winner Announced on 10/16/15

Read Other Terms 

Headphone Hack

noun \ˈhed-ˌfōn\ \ˈhak\

: Moon Audio upgrades your headphones with Dragon audio cables to sound AMAZING.

Brands We Hack

Audeze Headphones Fostex Headphones Grado Headphones Sennheiser Headphones Shure Headphones Ultrasone Headphones AKG Headphones
Audio-Technica Headphones BeyerDynamic Headphones Denon Headphones HiFiMan Headphones MrSpeakers Headphones Sony Headphones Sony Headphones

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