Hack Headphones Contest 2015

Hack Headphones Contest 2015

Win A $1,000 Headphones Hack! *

Hack Headphones Contest 2015 

Entering is easy!

1. TAKE A PICTURE of your headphones and music setup.

2. POST your headphones + setup picture with hashtag #hackheadphones to:

3. Best picture + "Why I want my Headphones to be Hacked" Story will win.

Grand Prize: Headphone Hack by Moon-Audio.com founder and Silver Dragon creator Drew Baird, P.E. worth up to $1,000 *

Other Prizes: 5 Entries will win Hack Your Headphones tees based on a random drawing.

Tshirt back

Every entry is entered in our Hack Your Headphones T-shirt Drawing.

*Please note: Shipping t-shirts around the world is too expensive, so International customers who win a tee receive a $20 Moon-Audio.com credit instead.

Not all headphones can be hacked.

If the Grand Prize Winner's headphones can't be hacked, we will substitute a credit equal to the value of our Silver Dragon audio cable ($295). $1,000 hack prize is the value of cables AND the estimated 7 - 10 hours it takes to perform most hacks.

Hack Headphones Prizes

Grand Prize Winner will be selected by our expert panel by October 16, 2015.

Expert Panel

We've approached several well-known audiophiles. As soon as we have commitments we will profile our Hack Headphones judges here.

DEADLINE Midnight Sunday 10/11/15 Winner Announced on 10/16/15

Read Other Terms 

Headphone Hack

noun \ˈhed-ˌfōn\ \ˈhak\

: Moon Audio upgrades your headphones with Dragon audio cables to sound AMAZING.

Brands We Hack

Audeze Headphones Fostex Headphones Grado Headphones Sennheiser Headphones Shure Headphones Ultrasone Headphones AKG Headphones

Audio-Technica Headphones BeyerDynamic Headphones Denon Headphones HiFiMan Headphones MrSpeakers Headphones Sony Headphones Sony Headphones

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