Greatest Audio Geek Contest

Greatest Audio Geek Contest hero imageThe Greatest Audio Geek Contest is for people who love music and audio gear. Moon Audio's customers, partners, and supporters are audio geeks. Founder Drew Baird and the team at Moon Audio is searching for fellow audio geeks.

Searching For Audio Geeks

Moon Audio makes and sells high fidelity audio gear to audiophiles and music lovers. We love hearing from and interacting with fellow audio geeks. Every day we help answer gear, sound signature, and "better sound" questions for audio buyers from around the world. Last year, our Dragon Audio Cables was acclaimed by customers in more than twenty countries including Great Britain, Spain, and Japan. How, we wondered, could we discover and learn about new audiophiles and music lovers? That's one of the reasons we created the Greatest Audio Geek Contest - to find and interact with audiophiles and music lovers from around the world.

Seeing different audio gear setups is a favorite geek activity. That's why we ask those entering the Greatest Audio Geek Contest to take a few pictures of their gear. Seeing the creativity, sophistication, and inspiration pictures of our customers' audio gear create is fun, informative, and helpful. If you love audio gear and music we hope you'll take pictures, share a story or two, and enter the search for the Greatest Audio Geek. 

Hiring An Audio Geek

Moon Audio has grown every year since our founding in 2003. We can't clone founder and chief engineer Drew Baird, but we can hire a New Business Development Director. If you love audio tech, music, learning new things we may be able to help align passion and making a living. If you love audio and would like your passion and work to align learn out more about the Moon Audio New Business Development job and apply today.

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