Graham Nash’s iPhone Mojo

Graham Nash’s iPhone Mojo

Graham Nash’s iPhone Mojo shares how as audio engineers we strive to develop products to recreate the sound of music as the artists, musicians and studio engineers wanted. Getting gear out of the way stopping the tendency to color, influence and distort sound is harder than you would expect, realize or think.

Musicians we all love work HARD to create what they hear in their heads. Music communicates feelings, experiences and time itself. When you hear a song your brain remembers what you were doing, who you were with and what you loved about that moment in your journey.

That’s why it was exciting to read Stereophile’s post about musician Graham Nash’s of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young reaction to a Neil Young song played from an iPhone with a Chord Mojo and Audeze EL8s. Here is what Graham Nash said about the experience.

"They handed me an iPhone with a lot of things to play. Now one of the things on the phone was Neil Young's 'A Man Needs a Maid' from the Harvest album. I happened to be present with Neil when he recorded that with the London Symphony in London. I was there, so I know what it's supposed to sound like. And they put me right in the middle of the orchestra. Those headphones were amazing, and this little Mojo thing they've got, good lord.”

After visiting England for the Chord Mojo launch, we’ve sold a lot of them and Nash’s explanation of the sound quality and mobile-friendly nature of the Mojo explains some of the reasons why sales are brisk. 

Chord’s Mojo is built for mobility. It fits in your palm and works great with smartphones.


Here are Five tips to help you buy, appreciate and love Chord’s Mojo.

Follow those simple tips and your Mojo buying experience will rock as much as having Chord’s CEO John Franks connect your Mojo as he did for Graham Nash at CES.

Photo Credit: Stereophile

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