Grado e series headphones in more detail

Just in case you missed it... Grado has announced their latest e series headphones.

Grado gave their i series headphones a serious sonic upgrade.  We've learned more about their "e series" improvements and we want to pass that info along.

Grado first improvement on their website states, "Every single component, surface, and material used in the e Series has been upgraded and optimized for one purpose - outstanding dynamics and fidelity." [, August 2013]  Moon Audio agrees and has further highlighted five changes in detail below that we think are important.

5 Grado e Series Changes in Detail

  1. The biggest change includes driver upgrades on all new e series models to improve the sound.  Let's say they all received a sonic boost.
  2. The premium e series headphones: Grado RS1e, GS1000e, and PS1000e have improved drivers that also include
    • new dome geometry which reduces break up modes.
    • new magnetic architecture which increases sensitivity and lowers harmonic distortion.
  3. The PS500e, RS2e, RS1e, GS1000e, & PS1000e models have received an upgrade their wood cup or wood ring base plates. They are now cured with a new method resulting in less resonance and a nicer look to the grain.
  4. The GS1000e and PS1000e have a new 12 conductor cable assembly.
  5. Grado's proprietary SpaceBlack Poly-carbonate was re-engineered.  This results in less resonance on the SR60e, SR80e, SR125e, SR225e, & SR325e which means you hear a clearer tone and reduction of secondary impulses.

For more information about Grado's e series check out our original post, Grado Headphones Upgrade to “e” Series.

Grado PS500e Grado GS1000e Grado PS1000e Grado RS1e
Grado PS500e Grado GS1000e Grado PS1000e Grado RS1e
Grado RS2e Grado SR80e Grado SR325e Grado SR225e
Grado RS2e Grado SR80e Grado SR325e Grado SR225e
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