Focal Headphones Sale Ends on Halloween

Focal Sale - Focal's "speakers on your head" headphones sound revolution is on sale until Halloween. Why pay $500 more in November? Upgrade to Focal now to save.

Focal's sale has two options - trade-in and sale price* (no trade-in). 

Model Trade Price Sale Price* Price
Utopia $3,000 $3,500 $3,999
Clear $1,100 $1,300 $1,499

Mail your trade-in headphones/earphones (don't have to be Focal any brand qualifies) to:

Moon Audio
Headphones Trade
1157 Executive Cir. Suite 101
Cary, NC 27511

And Focal will give your old cans to those in need.
Focal Utopia headphones image

Buy Focal Utopia headphones

Focal Clear headphones image

Buy Focal Clear Headphones

The Focal Sale ends at midnight on Halloween. We recommend Black Dragon headphones cables for Utopia and Silver Dragon for Clear.

New Focal Elegia

We received Elegia, Focal's new closed-back headphones, at the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival last week. Drew is listening to our pair now. Look for his Focal Elegia review soon.

Moon Audio ambassador Marty Smith spent a day listening to Focal's new cans with and without Silver Dragon cables. Marty's Elegia review discussed Elegia's warmth, need for a DAC/AMP and the excellent soundstage (depth of sound) and isolation of Focal's new closed-back headphones.

As Marty explained in his review, we recommend Silver Dragon cables for Elegia. 

Focal Elegia headphones image

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Focal Elear

"Very nice. Hi-Res audio. An open back that sounds like a closed back." We agree with CoolestDude's June 2017 review. Coolest Dude sounds like a recording engineer because his review stressed Elgar's flat true sound. His "loudspeaker sound" note is sure to tickle Focal's ears since it would be hard to describe the French speaker company's headphone goals better.

We recommend Silver Dragon headphones cables for Elear. 

Focal Elear headphones image and link

Buy Focal Elear headphones

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