Drew’s HiFi Holiday Picks for Him – Part 2
Nov 15th 2012 By:Moon Audio Staff

Drew’s HiFi Holiday Picks for Him – Part 2

Above is a closeup of the bottom center HiFi Portable Setup in this original HiFi Holiday Picks 2012 post picture below, you will see an iQube V3 Portable Headphone Amplifier, a Moon Audio Silver Dragon V1 IEM Cable, some Custom In Ear Monitors,  a 5 foot Silver Dragon USB Digital Cable and a .5 foot Silver Dragon Toslink Digital Cable.

High End Audio Toybox 2012

Here at Moon Audio, the iQube V3 is one of Drew's Hot Picks for Portable Headphone Amps for sure...especially if you need a DAC to pull the digital signals and convert them to analog. The iQube V3 is extremely lightweight, portable, sleek and great for "on the go" compact listening.

Let me reiterate "You NEED" an iQube V3 if you have some cans or headphones that are hard to drive or if you are like us at Moon Audio and want the BEST sound everywhere you go... :)

The Silver Dragon USB Digital Cable transfers digital audio from a computer to a USB DAC...starting at only $130 (.5 foot version that is - shown is the 5-foot version for $310).  :)

The Silver Dragon Toslink Digital Cable delivers a digital signal from a MacBook to a DAC or a portable DAC. (The iQube V3 is also a portable DAC...I just thought I would mention that).

Last, but not least, is the Silver Dragon V1 IEM Cable and the Custom In Ear Monitors pictured on top of the iQube.

The Silver Dragon V1 IEM Cable is one of our BEST SELLERS here at Moon Audio every day and it simply needs no introduction.  It upgrades your custom in-ear monitor listening experience by allowing the headphone drivers in the IEM's to breathe easier and allows the richness, detail, and instrumentation of the music to simply be heard.  :)

Seriously, now...we actually have a killer endorsement here by Jerry Harvey of JH Audio himself...and I quote him here "The Silver Dragon V1 IEM Cable gives a +3db increase in input sensitivity across the entire frequency range and much greater detail than any other cable".  October 14, 2012, RMAF 2012

Thank you, Jerry!  :)