Drew's HiFi Holiday Picks for Him - Part 1

This week Drew will attempt to explain all the HiFi Holiday Picks or toys in the picture above on our last post of the Gentlemen's Toybox 2012.

At the top left of this original HiFi Holiday Picks 2012 post picture below, you will see an iPhone, a Fostex HP-P1 Headphone Amplifier, and the Moon Audio Silver Dragon V1 IEM LOD to USB cable.

High End Audio Toybox 2012 Drew's HiFi Holiday Picks for Him 2012

Well, the iPhone is of course the most used portable music device on the planet now...but we all know that the music does not sound the best when driven from the iPhone now don't we???

Enter here the Fostex HP-P1 Portable Headphone Amplifier, this can be used with the iPhone, iTouch, iPad,

The Silver Dragon IEM V1 LOD Cable (this is the USB version) starting at only $65  is used to pull digital signals from your Apple iDevices.  It bypasses the headphone amp and internal digital to analog converter (or DAC) thus allowing the ability for you to use a portable dac or headphone amp of your choosing.  Thus, the iDevice just becomes a storage and control device for your music and the Silver Dragon V1 IEM LOD Cable allows you to get the best possible sound to your portable dac or portable dac headphone amp.

Another hint to the BEST sound is to make sure you rip all of your audio at an uncompressed file format.  MP3's tend to sound compressed and the high frequencies are a bit harsh.

Now, here's a SALE hint for you...go to right now...and this week get any order over $99 shipped FREE....with code NEW99.

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