Drew's Hi Fi Holiday Picks for Him - Part 3

Drew's Hi Fi Holiday Picks for Him - Part 3

Moon Audio will be explaining the JH Audio rig in the right hand side of the "Drew's Hi Fi Holiday Picks for Him" today.

This Portable HiFi Audio Rig consists of the JH Audio JH-3A Amplifier, JH Audio Custom In Ear Monitors or IEM's and the Moon Audio Silver Dragon IEM to JH-3A Cable.  :)

If you are looking for an excellent way to enjoy your music "on the go", on a run, a bike, a plane or a train...this is one of Drew's FAVORITE HiFi Holiday Picks to choose.  Let Moon Audio customize your wish list with some NEW Custom In Ear Monitors, a custom audio cable and a portable amplifier to help drive it all to your ears.  :)  Now, go to Moon-Audio.com and use code - HiFi50 for $50 off your next purchase over $600...good thru 12/8 only. :)  **Some exclusions apply.

"Hear the Angels Sing"
"I have the cable and it is amazing. The detail is much better and I measured a 3.2db input sensitivity increase. "
Jerry Harvey, JH Audio

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