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Dragon Audio Cables

Dragon Audio Cables were created by Drew Baird founder of I've experienced the sound difference Drew's cables can make on Shure IEMs, Focal, and Fostexheadphones.

I owned a pair of Shure IEMs for a year before upgrading to Silver Dragon cables and will never wait that long again. Even before "break-in" I hardly recognized my music. Beloved albums such as Kind of Blue by Miles Davis, Ghost of a Dog by Eddie Brickell, and More Songs About Buildings and Food by Talking Heads sounded new. There was more detail, better instrument separation,and CLARITY.

Drew uses "clarity" in the video and I've experienced exactly what he means. Hope you have a chance to hear your headphones sound better with Dragon audio cables.


Here's where you can find out more about Dragon headphones cables:

Silver Dragon
Black Dragon
Blue Dragon

Train Your Dragon

Video Transcript

I'd like to go into a little detail about the Sonic Signature our three headphones cables.

Great music has a sonic signature. Each song has that certain "it" about it. That certain something. As a mastering engineer, I make sure the sonic signature in every piece of music gets translated to its audience clearly.
Michael Curtis
Movement Mastering

Blue Dragon

This headphones cable is the Blue Dragon V3

It was developed to bee the most natural and neutral sounding of our three headphones cables. If you are doing any mastering work where you don't want coloration...

Coloration in audio describes sound distortion. Coloration means the sound isn't 'pure' or as the artist and recording engineer created.

... or you have a set of headphones that already sound neutral and you don't want to add bass or improve Top Ends ....

Top End refers to treble tones and Bottom End refers to bass tones also referred to as 'Highs' and 'Lows.

and produce some natural aspect then this is the headphones cable I'd recommend.

Black Dragon

Building on the Blue Dragon when you go to the Black Dragon V2 it has a lot of the same natural characteristics, but, thanks to the larger conductors, produces a much fuller sound adding bottom end weight.

a good low-frequency response, not extended, but with adequate levels and musicality of instruments such as violins, bass guitar, piano, and saxophone

If you have thin or analytical sounding headphones the Black Dragon is the right cable for you.

overly detailed, grainy, bright or sibilant with an artificial upper midrange emphasis almost the opposite of warm or intimate

Silver Dragon

If you need a resolute cable then I'd step up to the Silver Dragon V3 headphones cable. This cable has the most definition, air, and detail. It adds air and definition to the top end and controls the bass a little better.

Hopefully, this video has explained a little bit of the different characteristics of each of our headphones cables.

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