Chord Poly Delivery Update

Chord Poly is the wireless streaming module to the award-winning Mojo. Originally due to be released in April 2017, Chord recently announced recently it will be delayed until June or July 2017. 

Chord Poly Delivery News

Chord recently released a statement on regarding the delay:

"Semiconductors we firmly had an allocation on have been reallocated to others by the distributor. Sadly, this will cause a six-week delay to our first high volume production. Now scheduled for June we are really sorry for any inconvenience caused!"

"However we have taken advantage of those delays to write vast amounts of high-level software giving some amazing new features such as automatic feature updates via Wifi connection when connected to the internet...We are excited with what we have in development."

We have been receiving lots of phone calls, emails & questions about the delivery, status & arrival of the Chord Poly. We are responding to each and every one of those questions as quickly as we can.  

Despite Moon Audio's small size, we’ve always been one of the larger US re-sellers of Chord Electronics because of our passion for music and sound.

We understand and feel your frustration. We are in the audio industry for love, not money. We continue to build every Dragon audio cable by hand one-at-a-time and strive to operate by a set of “core values” including:

  • PASSION for music and sound.
  • Love for artists, musicians, audio engineers, composers and all who create music.
  • Love for fellow music lovers, audiophiles, hifi hobbyists, and all who are passionate about music and sound quality.
    (read the rest of our Core Values)

We know our values don't relieve, “Where’s my order?” frustrations. Please know we are doing everything we can to relieve your frustration. Despite claims to the contrary, we don’t greatly profit on the gear we love. We've built our business on the growing international reputation of our audio cables. 

If you are a customer, THANK YOU. We truly appreciate your business and support. If you are waiting on Chord’s new Poly, please know we are doing all we can, making sure to be diligent to ship in order sequence once we receive the Poly.

Please check our Facebook page or Youtube channel for updates on delivery and more.

Thank you,


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