Chord Mojo Dac Delivery Update

We have been receiving hundreds of phone calls, emails & questions about the delivery, status & arrival of the next batch of Chord Mojo DAC headphone amps in the past 2 weeks. We are responding to each and every one of those questions as quickly as we can.  

We run with a small team of music lovers in Cary, NC. Despite our small size, we’ve always been one of the larger US re-sellers of Chord Electronics. We owe that position to Drew’s ears. When Drew heard Chord’s Hugo, he knew something special changed. Digital music could be portable and sound great.

Drew returned from CES in 2013 after hearing Hugo and inspired our team to set about doing what we do best - building cables so Chord’s DACs, headphones, earphones and IEMs we love sound amazing.’s early advocacy of Hugo helped make Moon Audio one of the largest US distributors of Chord’s products despite our small size, large enough to fly Drew to London for Chord’s Mojo launch 2 weeks ago. 

Drew LOVED what he heard and we committed to buy tens of thousands of dollars of Chord Mojos via the company’s American distributor. We ONLY sell things we love and gear that collaborates with and proves why we make our Dragon cables. We are doing everything we can to satisfy our customers need for Chord’s new “black magic” DAC.

We shipped our first allotment of 15 Mojos and we are paying for overnight shipping on our next shipment of 50 Mojos arriving next Monday or Tuesday.

We will continue to ship based on order sequence (first ordered, first shipped) the same day they arrive (from Chord’s American distributor).

“Overwhelmed” isn’t what we are feeling. We are as frustrated as our customers, but we are in this (audio) for love, not money. We build every Dragon audio cable by hand one-at-a-time (old world style Moon Ambassador Marty Smith recently wrote). We run our business by a set of “core values” including:

  • We are PASSIONATE about music and sound.
  • We love artists, musicians, audio engineers, composers and all who create music.
  • We love fellow music lovers, audiophiles, hifi hobbyists, and all who are passionate about music and sound quality.
    (read the rest of our Core Values)

We know our values don’t relieve, “Where’s my order,” frustrations. Please know we are doing everything we can to relieve your (and our) frustration. Despite claims to the contrary, we don’t make a lot of money on the gear we love. Our business is built on the growing international reputation of our audio cables. When Drew’s ears LOVE something, we commit everything we have, go all in and do everything we can to support music lovers, audiophiles and people on this thread and our community at

If you are a customer THANK YOU. We truly appreciate your business & support of our company. If you are waiting on Chord’s new magic wand of a DAC, please know we are doing all we can, making sure to be fair (by shipping in order sequence) and yes spending most of our waking hours right now working on MOJO.

At the moment, all of our time is packing and shipping, receiving and then packing and shipping some more. We are trying to email everyone individually to let them know an expected ship date of their order as soon as we can get this list in order. 

Please check our Facebook page or Youtube channel for updates on shipping times, delivery times & more as we posted a video this morning both places in order to get this message out in the quickest way possible.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding, ongoing support and can’t wait for your feedback, ideas and comments.

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