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Spreading #MoJOY

Our Chord Mojo Contest has received 5 strong entries and we love hearing your stories!  There's no doubt 2016 has been the Year of the Chord Mojo. The Chord Mojo DAC delivers incredible detail and clarity on-the-go for Audiophiles, Music Lovers, and Musicians all over the world. Chord Mojo Product ShotChord Electronics won two Best DAC awards for the Chord Mojo in 2016 with What HiFi and EISA.



We've heard and shared so many Mojo stories over the past year, we'd like to share the "MoJOY" with you!

To celebrate more "Mojo Joy", a.k.a. #MoJOY #MobileJoy #MoreJoy, we are hosting a Chord Mojo Contest.  

The Best Selfie + Best Story wins the contest.

  1. Winner receives a new Chord Mojo valued at $599!
  2. Second place receives a Silver Dragon USB cable + CCK for the Mojo valued at $165.
  3. Third place receives a $25 Moon Audio Gift Card.
  4. Submissions are valid between December 8th - December 22nd.  

Chord Mojo Contest Rules

  1. Enter Chord Mojo Contest
  2. Your story needs to include why you need a Mojo or why you think it will COMPLETE your music collection. 
  3. Tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the #MoJOY.
  4. Fill out the form, upload your selfie, share your story! 

Be Creative! 

Whether you own a Mojo, have sampled a Mojo, or you are still waiting for your first #MoJOY experience, we want to see your selfie and hear your story!  

Be creative, draw, print out or borrow a Mojo to enter the Chord Mojo Contest.  All entries are valid as long as a picture of some sort includes the Mojo.

MoJOY Real vs. Fake MoJOY Real vs. Fake

Contest Submissions

Check out the latest contest entries below, we are loving your stories of Music, Why you love Mojo and Why you Need a Mojo.

We look forward to seeing yours very soon!

]Mojo Selfie Contest "If I had a mojo with me, I will bring it whenever I go out..."Mojo Selfie Contest "Even my humble cans know that I'd sound crystal clear if I had the Mojo."Mojo Selfie Contest "I had an instant connection with the Mojo's tuning. "Mojo Selfie Contest "The audio reproduction is musical yet incredibly detailed with rich layering and vast soundstage." Mojo Selfie Contest "I’ve been enjoying the Mojo for the longest time: not only for of its unrivaled sound quality nor for its insanely low output impedance that would be a god-send for our IEMs but also for the dual headphone out. " Mojo Selfie Contest just seemed much more lively and
realistic than straight out of my phone's headphone output jack.a href="">Mojo Selfie Contest Chord Mojo would pack a punch to my audio listening
experience!Mojo Selfie Contest I need Mojo to help me with deep space intergalactic explorationMojo Selfie Contest Mojo packs performance and portability into one Mojo Selfie Contest ...a Chord Mojo would make the most of the music I have...


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