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Mobile Audio

  1. USB Charging Optimized for Portable Audio

    USB Charging Optimized for Portable Audio
    USB Charging Portable Audio The Tronsmart 5V 3 Amp USB Charger is great to optimize charging portable audio devices. Since the explosion of portable audio devices, many people find themselves collecting multiple low amperage chargers that are included with the purchase of a new portable amplifier, dac or digital audio player.  When it comes to high-end portable Digital Audio Players or portable Amplifier/DAC combos, the lower amperage cannot compete with the Quick Charge 3.0 & VoltiQ technology seen in the Dual USB-A 36W wall charger by Tronsmart. The importance of a high amperage USB charger cannot be underrated. Please see our detailed examples below...
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  2. MQA Streaming with TIDAL Masters

    MQA Streaming with TIDAL Masters

    MQA Streaming with TIDAL At CES 2017, TIDAL announced a new feature for TIDAL HiFi subscribers called "TIDAL Masters" which offers MQA streaming with Tidal. Current HiFi members will have access to thousands of master-quality albums for superior sound exactly as the artists intended.  The TIDAL and MQA partnership plans to deliver an authenticated and unbroken version, typically 96 kHz...

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