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Hot NEWS here on the Moon Audio blog will be just that...HOT NEWS in the High End Audio and Video Marketplace of all sorts! New Products, Products in Demand, New Tools to help make your High End Audio Setup easier, Ways to Incorporate Better Sound into your Transient Lifestyle, and so much more! Moon Audio encourages you to email us and let us know what YOU would like to HEAR about on our "JUST ASK DREW" Blog as You (Our Favorite Customers) are our Passion here and we strive to deliver BETTER SOUND, BETTER PRODUCTS, and BETTER INFORMATION to you daily.

  1. Elegia Review by Drew

    Elegia Review by Drew
    Elegia Headphones Review - Photo's don't do the Focal Elegia headphone justice. Their look and feel, something I love, is impossible to convey in a photograph. You experience Focal's new closed-back headphones value once you live and breathe with them. Once you've listened to them for long sessions over several days as I did, their outstanding performance in several areas is clear.  Price Closed Versus Open Sound Field Mobility Price to Performance Elegia creates a new price to performance ratio for Focal.  Focal's headphones aren't cheap, but in the ever-expanding headphones field, you get the sound quality you pay for these days. When...
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  2. Focal Headphones Sale Ends on Halloween

    Focal Headphones Sale Ends on Halloween

    Focal Sale - Focal's "speakers on your head" headphones sound revolution is on sale until Halloween. Why pay $500 more in November? Upgrade to Focal now to save. Focal's sale has two options - trade-in and sale price* (no trade-in).  Model Trade Price Sale Price* Price Utopia $3,000 $3,500 $3,999 Clear $1,100 $1,300 $1,499 Mail your trade-in headphones/earphones (don't have to...
  3. Focal Elegia Review - Quiet Refined

    Focal Elegia Review - Quiet Refined

    Days after the French company Focal (Focal-JMLab) released Elegia their new closed-back headphones a pair spent a morning on my head. Great to have friends who own an audio company (Drew and Nichole Baird at Moon Audio) because they let you play with their new toys. How Elegia sat on my head is an excellent place to start this review...
  4. Focal Elegia - Focal Rocks Closed Back Headphones

    Focal Elegia - Focal Rocks Closed Back Headphones

    Focal Elegia closed-back headphones were a somewhat poorly kept secret. I received a pair of Focal's new closed-back cans this morning at the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival and liked what I've heard so far. Standing in a booth at the RMAF is not optimal for listening to write a review, but Focal Clear with more bass would is my first...
  5. 2018 Rocky Mountain Audio Festival

    2018 Rocky Mountain Audio Festival

    CANJAM Booth #61-62 (Rocky Mountain Event Center) Preparing for CANJAM 2018 I was asked when I attended the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival (RMAF) for the first time. I couldn't remember. 2005 was probably our first audio festival. Moon Audio and our Dragon audio cables moved from garage to an office in 2003. Heading to the Denver audio festival two years...
  6. Great Audio Geek Contest Update - Where Do You Fit In?

    Great Audio Geek Contest Update - Where Do You Fit In?

    Audio Geeks - we're looking for you! Learn More About and ENTER Greatest Audio Geek Contest Geeks Are Global Great geeks from around the world are sharing their audio gear, favorite music, and stories. The search for the great geeks has entries from India, Norway, Ukraine, Austrailia, and Canada. We've received the most entries from California, but we've heard from...
  7. Greatest Audio Geek Contest

    Greatest Audio Geek Contest

    The Greatest Audio Geek Contest is for people who love music and audio gear. Moon Audio's customers, partners, and supporters are audio geeks. Founder Drew Baird and the team at Moon Audio is searching for fellow audio geeks. Share - Share and Gallery Favorite Audio Gear from fellow audio geeks by entering the Greatest Audio Geek Contest. Hire - Discover and...
  8. Summer Audio Gear Trends - Roon to Brooklyn

    Summer Audio Gear Trends - Roon to Brooklyn

    Audio innovations can be slow in the summer. As heat climbs audio manufacturers, like many industries, go on vacation and begin to gear up for fall. Summer 20128 saw exceptions to the everyone is at the beach rule. This summer featured four cool things, audio trends and game-changing new streaming hardware from Roon Labs. Roon Nucleus - Music Streaming Networks...
  9. Three Audio Upgrades To Love Your Music Again This Summer

    Three Audio Upgrades To Love Your Music Again This Summer

    Roon Labs, makers of the new Roon Nucleus home music streaming network, defines the problem for today’s music lovers well: “In the transition from physical to digital media, something has been lost. We have more convenience, but no feeling of excitement or engagement.” Back in the day music engaged many senses. Sight Album art became the paintings of baby boomer youth...
  10. Better DAC Summer Sound

    Better DAC Summer Sound

    Adding or upgrading your digital to analog converter (DAC) will help you hear more nuance, clarity, and better music this summer. There is something magical about music on long summer days. Who can forget songs like:   In the Summertime by  Mungo Jerry (1970)   Summer Breeze by Seals & Croft (1972)   Summer DACs For Audiophiles, Music Lovers &...
  11. Chord Qutest DAC FAQ

    Chord Qutest DAC FAQ

    Chord Electronics announced their newest device at CES this week, the Chord Qutest DAC.  The Qutest is a home-audio DAC designed to replace the existing 2Qute.  This audio device takes design and features from the award winning Hugo 2. Qutest is a pure DAC, it does not contain headphone amplification or batteries like the portable Hugo 2.  It is intended to...

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