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  1. Drew's Chord Qutest Review

    Drew's Chord Qutest Review
    Want to read about how England's Chord Electronics has done it again with their new Qutest DAC? Read Drew's Qutest DAC review.
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  2. Why Audio Cables Beat Bluetooth

    Why Audio Cables Beat Bluetooth

    Why Audio Cables Beat Bluetooth has a subtitle - and that's okay. We agree with Cnet. They wondered why customers were willing to lose sound quality for the sake of convenience. But there's a rub. During the summer I built a "tiny house" on my brother Drew's property in Efland, North Carolina. Yes, my brother shares his name with Moon...
  3. Chord Poly Setup Tips

    Chord Poly Setup Tips

    Chord Poly is a Portable Wireless Streaming device to pair with Mojo by Chord Electronics.  Please find our Chord Poly How To Setup Guides below to help you set up your Poly and how to connect Poly to various different configurations including your network, phone, Roon, aandroid, Roon, Tidal, AK Connect, 8Player and BubbleUPNp. Direct Links below will show you how...
  4. Chord Qutest DAC FAQ

    Chord Qutest DAC FAQ

    Chord Electronics announced their newest device at CES this week, the Chord Qutest DAC.  The Qutest is a home-audio DAC designed to replace the existing 2Qute.  This audio device takes design and features from the award winning Hugo 2. Qutest is a pure DAC, it does not contain headphone amplification or batteries like the portable Hugo 2.  It is intended to...

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