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  1. Bronze Dragon IEM Cable

    Bronze Dragon IEM Cable
    There's a new Dragon in town - the Bronze Dragon for 2 pin in-ear monitors (IEMs). In a brief interview this week, Moon Audio founder and chief engineer Drew shared why his company created a new Dragon. "We noticed some IEMs sound thin and cold," Drew explained, "and that's easy to understand given the challenge of creating spacious and warm sounds from something plugged into our ears." Standing in Moon Audio's Cary, North Carolina showroom Drew continued, "Easy to understand why IEMs sound thin when you realize those," pointing to a pair of MK Sound SS 150 speakers, "have to...
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  2. Focal Clear Unboxing Video

    Focal Clear Unboxing Video

    Start at 0:00 I remain mystified about how a French speaker company makes such great headphones. I say that despite spending hours listening to the "speakers on your head" experience created by the Focal Utopia cans.  If you've bought or experienced the new Focal Clear headphones please share your reactions via the form below.  Thanks,  Martin --- Moon Audio Ambassador...
  3. Sennheiser HD 820: Closed-back vs. Open-back Sound

    Sennheiser HD 820: Closed-back vs. Open-back Sound

    Sennheiser HD 820 headphones - Can closed-back headphones sound as good as open back headphones?  We are looking forward to finding out. “Usually, high-end headphones require an open-back design, which has placed limits on where you can enjoy true audiophile sound. The HD 820 is a game changer that delivers exceptional sound while insulating the listener from their environment. I...
  4. Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

    Moon-Audio This is the 14th Annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) and Moon-Audio is proud to be an exhibitor.  This is the largest consumer audio show in the United States and audiophiles travel from around the country to attend.  We will be one of over 400 companies from North and South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.  It's our chance to...
  5. JH Audio Lola IEMs News

    JH Audio Lola IEMs News

    The Los Angeles Audio Show 2017 was a great success June 2-4th. We interviewed Andy Regan with JH Audio about their new Lola IEMs. Interviews with Chord, Sonoma, and MyTek about their new products will be added to our blog later this week so please stay tuned. Drew Baird interviewed Andy Regan, President of JH Audio, about the new JH...
  6. Headphones for Video Games Buyers' Guide

    Headphones for Video Games Buyers' Guide

    Video Games & Sound Moon-Audio.com is lucky. We have great Ambassadors willing to help our growing community. We are very thankful avid gamers and Moon Audio Ambassadors Jonathan West (@army_firedawg or "Firedawg") and Matt James (@Gaboonvyper) offered to help write a Headphones for Video Games Buyers' Guide! Thanks to Jonathan, we know what gear will help win the game. Jonathan West (Firedawg)  Matt James (Gaboonvyper...
  7. Elear Cans ROCK!

    Elear Cans ROCK!

    Focal Elear Headphones Review The first time I learned about Focal Elear and Utopia headphones, I thought their new cans would be unique. I’ve heard the distinct and extraordinary sound from Focal speakers. When Sanjay, Focal’s North American Sales Manager, asked to introduce new headphones we looked forward to the meeting. Sanjay made a full and magical presentation. Focal wanted...
  8. Focal Utopia Headphone Review

    Focal Utopia Headphone Review

    Focal, the French speaker maker, blows up what the word “headphones” means with the new Utopia headphones. After spending several hours with Focal’s “Beryllium M-Shaped Drivers” a few things were clear. Focal’s Utopia headphones are the best cans I’ve heard and I own a pair of Shure KSE1500s and Fostex TH900. Thanks to friends at Moon-Audio.com, I’ve listened to great...
  9. Focal Utopia Headphones Review

    Focal Utopia Headphones Review

    My Focal Utopia headphones review reminds me why I love music so much. In fact, the Utopia headphones help me recall how the Chord Hugo dac knocked my socks off and took me off guard too at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2014. After a long day of gear demos, my friend, Jamil and I decided to give up...
  10. JH Audio Performance Series IEMs

    JH Audio Performance Series IEMs

    The new JH Audio Performance Series IEMs include the new and improved JH16v2 Pro, JH13v2 Pro, and Roxanne. The Jerry Harvey Audio team has been working for over a year to design these new universal fit iems to fit more like custom iems. The new shells are made with state of the art 3D Printing Technology to reduce the size by ~40%. This ensures...
  11. Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2016

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2016

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2016 starts today at the Marriott Denver Tech Center in Denver, Colorado. "The 13th Annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) is the largest consumer audio and home entertainment show in the United States," says Audiofest.net about #RMAF2016. We agree and find that music lovers, audiophiles and headphone enthusiasts travel from all over the world to attend...

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