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High End Headphones is our Absolute PASSION here at Moon Audio! Moon Audio tests each headphone we carry on our website and in our store to make sure they fit the excellent standards we feel are required at their price point. Moon Audio also researches, listens to (I know we DO LOVE OUR JOBS), plays with, modifies, upgrades and reviews headphones weekly, daily and sometimes hourly to continue striving towards keeping our excellent reputation of being High End Headphone Experts. Drew Baird, P.E., our Founder and President was a DJ in high school, college and well, anytime he gets a chance now too, and has a PASSION for phenomenal sound and because he's an engineer by trade, it also helps that he understands the mechanics of SOUND too! We hope you will TEST him on his knowledge and simply "JUST ASK DREW!"

  1. Hack Your Headphones on Curagami

    Hack Your Headphones on Curagami
    Hack Your HeadphonesWe appreciate Moon Audio Ambassador Marty Smith calling our Hack Your Headphones idea "brilliant DIY marketing" on Silver Dragon cable for Audeze headphones v3 a "Branded Hack" Ready To Buy - 1 of 3 ways to hack your headphonesSince we build Silver, Black and Blue Dragon audio cables by hand it is easy to offer 3 ways for customers to "hack their headphones":   Ready To Buy We make cables for leading headphone brands such as Audeze, Sennheiser and Shure. We also make audio cables for Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) and headphone amps.  Audeze LCD-3 + Moon...
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  2. Headphones Buying Survey

    Headphones Buying Survey

    In a recent, headphones buying survey, we asked,“What’s most important when you purchase a new pair of headphones?”It’s clear that the strengths and weaknesses of the headphones are very important when buying a new pair as we heard this response the most. How do you define "strengths and weaknesses" in terms of headphones?Are you looking for information on matching music genres to headphones?Connection...
  3. Best Headphones

    Best Headphones

    Best Headphones “Best” is a tricky word when it comes to headphones. What is “best” for you and your music may stink for someone else. Resisting Beats ads is hard, but, as Time and others point out, you can buy better sounding cans (headphones) for the same money. Spend a little bit more and your music can sound worlds better...
  4. Connect iPad & iPhone To Headphone Amps & DACs

    Connect iPad & iPhone To Headphone Amps & DACs

    iPad & iPhone - 3 Ways To Connect Amps & Dacs It's easy to plug your Shure SE846 earphones or Fostex TH900 headphones into your iPad, iPhone or Apple laptop. To Connect earphones and in-ear-monitors: Select 3.5mm Stereo Rt Angle Plug Premolded from our "Connector" pulldown menu.   To Connect headphones: Select Oyaide ⅛” Diameter Stereo Plug when connecting Fostex or other full size headphones. ...
  5. HiFiMan HE-1000 Headphones Review

    HiFiMan HE-1000 Headphones Review

    HiFiMan's HE-1000 has emerged as a major topic of discussion in the hifi audio discussion groups and for good reason. The HE-1000 planar magnetic headphones definitely made our list of Drew's Top 3 reference headphones along with the Fostex TH900 & Audeze LCD-3. HiFiMan HE-1000 What makes the HE-1000 headphones review so special? CNET calls the HE-1000, "quite possibly the best sounding headphones in the...
  6. Moon Audio Headphones Market Makers

    Moon Audio Headphones Market Makers Headphones Market Makers There it was. I'd stumbled on a truth I knew - was helping new headphones, DAC and high resolution music and media players gain traction, become known and establish brands. In the Google Trends chart above searches tower above new brands or products being helped by Drew Baird and’s advocacy, passion and support...
  7. Headphone Reviewers announced

    Headphone Reviewers announced

    After a whopping 427 votes, we are excited to announce the Ambassador Review Contest Winners! Thanks so much for cheering on your friends, comrades, fellow music lovers & audiophiles.  We know they appreciate your support & votes!   Review Highlights Below are some of our FAVORITE headphone & hifi gear review highlights from each ambassador.  They have done the listening sessions...
  8. JH Audio Siren Series IEM's - How to Choose

    JH Audio Siren Series IEM's - How to Choose

    “Which JH Audio Siren Series Universal IEM should I choose?” Since JH Audio teamed up with Astell & Kern to introduce the universal Layla and Angie, people have been trying to decide which Siren they should choose. We've added some good information to help you choose the right iem or earphone that is best for you. How to choose the...
  9. 5 Headphones for Music Variety

    5 Headphones for Music Variety

    In a recent headphone survey, we posed the question, “How important is choosing headphones based off music preferences to you?” One of our top responses included that music lovers & audiophiles want headphones that are versatile enough to enjoy a wide range of music genres. Most people don't listen to just one music genre anymore and most of our playlists include Jazz, Blues...
  10. Munich #HighEnd2015 Show Update

    Munich #HighEnd2015 Show Update

    After a great day at the High End Show in Munich, Germany, here's a quick overview of the hifi gear that we are excited about adding to Get more updates at KingSound: Featured at High End Show 2015 in Germany, these headphones have a similar look and feel to the previous KS-H3 but they are portable and they have detachable cables.  Yes...
  11. Beats Headphones Better?

    Beats Headphones Better?

    Are Beats headphones meant for audiophiles? Audiophiles love technology and gear as much as music. They have passionate debates about headphones, cables and matching everything to get the best sound. Kudos to Beats for broadening headphones awareness. More people know about audio equipment and headphones thanks to beats. We love music too. That's why our founder Drew Baird created Dragon...

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