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High End Headphones is our Absolute PASSION here at Moon Audio! Moon Audio tests each headphone we carry on our website and in our store to make sure they fit the excellent standards we feel are required at their price point. Moon Audio also researches, listens to (I know we DO LOVE OUR JOBS), plays with, modifies, upgrades and reviews headphones weekly, daily and sometimes hourly to continue striving towards keeping our excellent reputation of being High End Headphone Experts. Drew Baird, P.E., our Founder and President was a DJ in high school, college and well, anytime he gets a chance now too, and has a PASSION for phenomenal sound and because he's an engineer by trade, it also helps that he understands the mechanics of SOUND too! We hope you will TEST him on his knowledge and simply "JUST ASK DREW!"

  1. A Music Lover’s First Impression of the Audiophile Experience

    A Music Lover’s First Impression of the Audiophile Experience
    As a recording musician and vocalist, I feel confident calling myself a music enthusiast. After all, what got me interested in making music from the very start was being a fan of music, first. But, who isn’t a fan of music? Everyone loves music, right? So, what constitutes an audiophile?
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  2. How to Store Headphones & Cables for Optimal Performance

    How to Store Headphones & Cables for Optimal Performance

    How to Store Headphones and Cables for Optimal Performance: Tips and Tricks to Prevent Damage and Maintain A Long Lifespan
  3. Focal Stellia Headphones Review

    Focal Stellia Headphones Review

    Closed-Back Utopia? Yes. Utopia? No.  Let me now explain in detail. In 2017, Focal came to Moon Audio to introduce the pre-production units of the Focal Utopia and the Focal Elear. Sanjay Sharma & Romain VET from Focal asked my opinion of what should be next for Focal in the headphone market. I immediately said if you can produce a reference closed...
  4. Focal Stellia Headphones: A Closed Back Answer to Utopia?

    Focal Stellia Headphones: A Closed Back Answer to Utopia?

    Introducing the Focal Stellia Headphones, a new reference closed back headphone from Focal, a world leader in the manufacturing of high-fidelity speakers, home audio, and car audio for more than 35 years. With the introduction of the Focal Utopia and Elear headphones in 2016, Focal entered the competitive headphone market and truly positioned themselves as game-changers in the industry for creating...
  5. Sennheiser HD 820: Closed-back vs. Open-back Sound

    Sennheiser HD 820: Closed-back vs. Open-back Sound

    Sennheiser HD 820 headphones - Can closed-back headphones sound as good as open back headphones?  We are looking forward to finding out. “Usually, high-end headphones require an open-back design, which has placed limits on where you can enjoy true audiophile sound. The HD 820 is a game changer that delivers exceptional sound while insulating the listener from their environment. I...
  6. Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

    Moon-Audio This is the 14th Annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) and Moon-Audio is proud to be an exhibitor.  This is the largest consumer audio show in the United States and audiophiles travel from around the country to attend.  We will be one of over 400 companies from North and South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.  It's our chance to...
  7. Focal Utopia Headphone Review

    Focal Utopia Headphone Review

    Focal, the French speaker maker, blows up what the word “headphones” means with the new Utopia headphones. After spending several hours with Focal’s “Beryllium M-Shaped Drivers” a few things were clear. Focal’s Utopia headphones are the best cans I’ve heard and I own a pair of Shure KSE1500s and Fostex TH900. Thanks to friends at, I’ve listened to great...
  8. Focal Utopia Headphones Review

    Focal Utopia Headphones Review

    My Focal Utopia headphones review reminds me why I love music so much. In fact, the Utopia headphones help me recall how the Chord Hugo dac knocked my socks off and took me off guard too at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2014. After a long day of gear demos, my friend, Jamil and I decided to give up...
  9. JH Audio Performance Series IEMs

    JH Audio Performance Series IEMs

    The new JH Audio Performance Series IEMs include the new and improved JH16v2 Pro, JH13v2 Pro, and Roxanne.   The Jerry Harvey Audio team has been working for over a year to design these new universal fit iems to fit more like custom iems. The new shells are made with state of the art 3D Printing Technology to reduce the size by ~40%. This...
  10. CanJam London 2016

    CanJam London 2016

    CanJam London 2016  is the UK’s premier headphone and personal audio expo returning for a 2nd year to excite music lovers & audiophiles alike. At the Moon audio booth, we have amps, dacs and daps such as the Astell & Kern AK380 and the new AK300 or AK70 to audition with your headphones or ours.  The Chord Hugo and Chord Mojo dacs, perfect for...
  11. Hack Headphones Contest Winner

    Hack Headphones Contest Winner

    Our first Hack Headphones Contest was a great success and Jared Sum was our Grand Prize $1000 Winner. We LOVED hearing and seeing headphones, headphone hacks, and all the entries from audio and music enthusiasts all over the world. After much deliberation & help from the reviewers at, we awarded #hackheadphones entry #34, Jared Sum with the $1000 headphone hack.   Read the...

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