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  1. Chord HUGO TT 2 - Available Fall 2018

    Chord HUGO TT 2 - Available Fall 2018
    Chord Electronics announced the Chord Hugo TT 2 last week in Munich as one of its newest advancements in DAC technology.  TT stands for "table-top" and its meant to be a desktop version developed from the multi-award-winning transportable Hugo 2. The Hugo TT 2 is bigger, better and more advanced in every way and it sets a new benchmark for tabletop DACs, eclipsed only by Chord's flagship DAVE. Hugo TT 2 has been radically redesigned from the ground up, not only with beautiful new casework by Chief Designer, John Franks but with 5 times the processing power of the original Hugo...
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  2. Chord Qutest Review

    Chord Qutest Review

    Welcome the new Chord Qutest DAC. Aren't you the Qutest? Chord electronics new products never disappoint.  Their most recent digital to analog converter (DAC), the Chord Qutest is a giant killer. Essentially the DAC section of the Hugo 2 placed in an aluminum brick, literally an aluminum brick, Chord removed Bluetooth input, the headphone amp circuit, and battery. Removing those features...
  3. Chord Hugo2 Unboxing Video

    Chord Hugo2 Unboxing Video

    Hugo 2 Unboxed After spending the morning typing up the transcript from Drew's amazing Cables Matter video I realized something. Boxing videos don't need transcripts. I just get to watch this Hugo2 DAC unboxing video and wish upon a star. The Hugo 2 is on my, "Will Work For Gear," wish list. Want to really turn me green with envy...
  4. Chord Poly Setup Tips

    Chord Poly Setup Tips

    Chord Poly is a Portable Wireless Streaming device to pair with Mojo by Chord Electronics.  Please find our Chord Poly How To Setup Guides below to help you set up your Poly and how to connect Poly to various different configurations including your network, phone, Roon, aandroid, Roon, Tidal, AK Connect, 8Player and BubbleUPNp. Direct Links below will show you how...
  5. Hugo 2 DACylicious

    Hugo 2 DACylicious

    The Chord Hugo released in 2014 was a game changer in the DAC industry as we shared in 2014 here.  As Chord Electronics started the Hugo 2 DAC design, they looked for everything that could be improved upon with the original Hugo. Chord read the forums, listened to feedback from Hugo owners, and thus engineered flexible new features with next-generation technical and sonic performance.  ...
  6. Chord Poly Delivery Update

    Chord Poly Delivery Update

    Chord Poly is the wireless streaming module to the award-winning Mojo. Originally due to be released in April 2017, Chord recently announced recently it will be delayed until June or July 2017.  Chord Poly Delivery News Chord recently released a statement on regarding the delay: "Semiconductors we firmly had an allocation on have been reallocated to others by the...
  7. Chord Poly Connections Videos

    Chord Poly Connections Videos

    Chord Poly Connections to Chord Mojo The Chord Poly is the perfect companion for the Chord Mojo. Featuring powerful Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, this wireless streaming module turns the Chord Mojo DAC/headphone amp into a go-anywhere mobile wireless device. Chord Electronics created six videos entitled “Poly Lessons” to help you make the most of your streaming experience with frequently asked...
  8. Chord Mojo Toslink Connections

    Chord Mojo Toslink Connections

    Chord Mojo Toslink Connections Chord Mojo has one Toslink optical input capable of receiving-playing 44.1KHz to 192KHz PCM format. Toslink input is truly about light transmission, therefore, using the finest plastic fibers available is what we use in our Silver Dragon Toslink Digital Cable. Silver Dragon Toslink Digital Cable The Silver Dragon Toslink utilizes 1300 core optical fiber. The fiber ends are highly...
  9. Chord Hugo versus Hugo TT: Differences Explained

    Chord Hugo versus Hugo TT: Differences Explained

    Chord Hugo versus Hugo TT: Differences Explained Chord Electronics has racked up multiple awards for the Chord Hugo USB DAC Headphone Amp with unrivaled quality. At CES 2017, Chord announced they are introducing the Hugo 2, a 2nd generation Hugo.  The original Hugo is the world's most advanced portable headphone amp/DAC in its class and we've sold hundreds of them and we truly look...
  10. Chord Mojo Contest Winners

    Chord Mojo Contest Winners

    Congratulations Chord Mojo Contest Winners! Thanks to everyone who participated and helped to spread more #Mojoy with the Chord Mojo. 1st Place Wins a New Chord Mojo DAC   Stefan Klek  2nd Place Wins a Silver Dragon + CCK for Chord Mojo   Scott Cornwill 3rd Place Wins a $25.00 Moon Audio Gift Card   You shared #MoJOY than we could...
  11. Graham Nash’s iPhone Mojo

    Graham Nash’s iPhone Mojo

    Graham Nash’s iPhone Mojo shares how as audio engineers we strive to develop products to recreate the sound of music as the artists, musicians and studio engineers wanted. Getting gear out of the way stopping the tendency to color, influence and distort sound is harder than you would expect, realize or think.Musicians we all love love work HARD to create...

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