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  1. MQA Streaming with TIDAL Masters

    MQA Streaming with TIDAL Masters
    MQA Streaming with TIDAL At CES 2017, TIDAL announced a new feature for TIDAL HiFi subscribers called "TIDAL Masters" which offers MQA streaming with Tidal. Current HiFi members will have access to thousands of master-quality albums for superior sound exactly as the artists intended. The TIDAL and MQA partnership plans to deliver an authenticated and unbroken version, typically 96 kHz / 24 bit, with the highest possible resolution. This will be available through the TIDAL desktop application and available on mobile and web applications in the future. Aurender Music Players & Streaming Currently, Aurender Music Servers and Players fully support the TIDAL streaming...
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  2. USB Audio Answers

    USB Audio Answers

    USB Audio answers for connecting digital music applications are needed for listenening to music via headphones via computer as the music source. We answer USB audio questions how to connect headphones, amplifiers, daps & dacs to your computer daily.   USB connections spread beyond computers and the peripherals from the mid 1990s (external drives, printers) living on to influence smartphones and a new generation...

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