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  1. Chord Qutest Review

    Chord Qutest Review
    Welcome the new Chord Qutest DAC. Aren't you the Qutest? Chord electronics new products never disappoint.  Their most recent digital to analog converter (DAC), the Chord Qutest is a giant killer. Essentially the DAC section of the Hugo 2 placed in an aluminum brick, literally an aluminum brick, Chord removed Bluetooth input, the headphone amp circuit, and battery. Removing those features was similar to the original Hugo.  Qutest pictures don't do it justice. Chord crafted a mass of aluminum by boring out the center to fit it's latest digital to analog converter's components. The latest sound innovation from England's Chord Electronics has...
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  2. Chord Qutest DAC FAQ

    Chord Qutest DAC FAQ

    Chord Electronics announced their newest device at CES this week, the Chord Qutest DAC.  The Qutest is a home-audio DAC designed to replace the existing 2Qute.  This audio device takes design and features from the award winning Hugo 2. Qutest is a pure DAC, it does not contain headphone amplification or batteries like the portable Hugo 2.  It is intended to...

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