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High End Audio Gear is our passion. Moon Audio is a Specialty Dealer for a variety of High End Audio lines including: Audeze, Bryston, Burson, Chord, Cary Audio, Cypher Labs, Fostex, JH Audio, iQube, Sennheiser, Ultrasone & many more. Drew Baird, P.E., our founder and President, is very knowledgeable and a true High End Audio Expert. We solve connection issues, problems and most Audio or Video solutions. We hope you take the time to simply "JUST ASK DREW" your question so we can do our best to help you.

  1. Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 - Weekend Report

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 - Weekend Report
    9/8 - RMAF Sunday update Here's everything we announced on Day 1 of RMAF 2019. Here’s the re-cap of all the cool gear we displayed at our table during this year's show. Moon-Audio wrapped up the second (and sadly, the last) day of RMAF. We had a great time serving up our demonstrations to all the attendees who visited our table. We had a blast talking to other audiophiles and providing a place for them to truly A/B test our custom audio cable-solutions with high-end headphones, DACs and all things portable audio. At the Moon-Audio table (Headspace 28), we heard great feedback...
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  2. Live Update Report 9/7 -Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019

    Live Update Report 9/7 -Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019

    We are at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest right now! If you're here, come see us at HeadSpace table 28. Lot's of exciting new gear to report back to today...
  3. Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019

    Come visit us at HeadSpace table 28 at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest this weekend! Lot's of amazing gear to try out...
  4. The Last Focal Elegia Headphone Review: Royal Rumble! - Part 1

    Focal Elegia compared to Focal Stellia, Sony MDR-Z1R, and Audeze LCD2C Which Closed Back Headphone is Best? In 2016, Focal took the audiophile world by storm when it released its flagship headphone model, the Utopia. Since then, the roster of audiophile headphones Focal offers has grown. Fast forward to 2018, the Elegia enters the high-end wired closed back headphone market...
  5. Focal Stellia Headphones: A Closed Back Answer to Utopia?

    Focal Stellia Headphones: A Closed Back Answer to Utopia?

    Introducing the Focal Stellia Headphones, a new reference closed back headphone from Focal, a world leader in the manufacturing of high-fidelity speakers, home audio, and car audio for more than 35 years. With the introduction of the Focal Utopia and Elear headphones in 2016, Focal entered the competitive headphone market and truly positioned themselves as game-changers in the industry for creating...
  6. Questyle Audio Savings

    Questyle Audio Savings

    Questyle Audio Savings For a limited time, save $500 dollars off the Questyle Audio CAS192D DAC and CMA800R Headphone Amplifier. Questyle Audio CMA800R Headphone Amplifier - SAVE $500 Questyle Audio CMA800R Current Mode Headphone Amplifier embodies a dedicated quest for perfect sound. The ability to add a second unit for True Mono Balanced operation makes this amplifier as flexible as it...
  7. Los Angeles Audio Show 2017

    Los Angeles Audio Show 2017

    We're headed to Los Angeles Audio Show 2017, June 2nd - 4th at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles, California.   Please visit our table in the Headgear Room at Booth 121. Mention the code (at our table): Dragon For FREE Moon Audio Bands for your gear (up to 6 per person). Share a Dragon Audio Cable testimonial at the show (on camera...
  8. Headphone Reviewers announced

    Headphone Reviewers announced

    After a whopping 427 votes, we are excited to announce the Ambassador Review Contest Winners! Thanks so much for cheering on your friends, comrades, fellow music lovers & audiophiles.  We know they appreciate your support & votes!   Review Highlights Below are some of our FAVORITE headphone & hifi gear review highlights from each ambassador.  They have done the listening sessions...
  9. Munich #HighEnd2015 Show Update

    Munich #HighEnd2015 Show Update

    After a great day at the High End Show in Munich, Germany, here's a quick overview of the hifi gear that we are excited about adding to Get more updates at KingSound: Featured at High End Show 2015 in Germany, these headphones have a similar look and feel to the previous KS-H3 but they are portable and they have detachable cables.  Yes...
  10. PS Audio FREE Upgrade

    PS Audio FREE Upgrade

    Free Upgrade for your DirectStream DAC...see below PS Audio is offering a free upgrade that will have your DirectStream DAC sounding significantly better. Pikes Peak Operating System will take your DirectStream to the next level. "Was it worth it? Absolutely. Were the changes subtle and hard to hear? Neither the slightest bit subtle, nor hard to hear. Should you update your...
  11. Chord Hugo Color Guide Explanations

    Chord Hugo Color Guide Explanations

    Do you have questions about the Chord Hugo and the color guide? Moon Audio receives a lot of questions about the Hugo and the color guide weekly so we thought we would answer these on the blog for everyone. First and foremost, the Hugo is a phenomenal product. As soon as I tried it at CES in January, I knew I wanted...

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