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Video Games

  1. Headphones For Video Games 2

    Headphones For Video Games 2
    Headphones for Video Games: Matt James Sound For gaming, sound is paramount. Whether needing to hear environmental cues like gunfire in a first-person shooter video game or simply reveling in AAA games atmospheric soundtracks, sound plays a massive role in my video game enjoyment. I spend coin on a top-shelf graphics card to enjoy a video game's eye-candy. I can’t fully enjoy the splendor games from top video game developers without the right aural experience (sound) too. For many video game developers sound is an afterthought, but when you combine video games that take sound design seriously with a fantastic pair...
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  2. Headphones for Video Games Buyers' Guide

    Headphones for Video Games Buyers' Guide

    Video Games & Sound is lucky. We have great Ambassadors willing to help our growing community. We are very thankful avid gamers and Moon Audio Ambassadors Jonathan West (@army_firedawg or "Firedawg") and Matt James (@Gaboonvyper) offered to help write a Headphones for Video Games Buyers' Guide! Thanks to Jonathan, we know what gear will help win the game. Jonathan West (Firedawg)  Matt James (Gaboonvyper...

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