Dragon Cables

Dragon Audio Cables are handcrafted by our technicians at Moon Audio's headquarters in Cary, North Carolina. Every cable is carefully designed to provide the best possible sound from your headphones, made from UP-OCC 99.99998%, oxygen-free copper and silver. Fine-tune your sound signature with high-quality cables made right here in the USA.

  1. A Music Lover’s First Impression of the Audiophile Experience

    A Music Lover’s First Impression of the Audiophile Experience
    As a recording musician and vocalist, I feel confident calling myself a music enthusiast. After all, what got me interested in making music from the very start was being a fan of music, first. But, who isn’t a fan of music? Everyone loves music, right? So, what constitutes an audiophile?
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  2. AXPONA 2019 - Getting Ready

    AXPONA 2019 - Getting Ready

    Drew Baird P.E., CEO and Founder and the entire Moon Audio Team are hard at work in the show room preparing all the wonderful audio gear we can't wait to share with you this week in Chicago. SSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... We'll also have a brand new product for you to demo that won't be anywhere else on the exhibition floor!
  3. Sonos For Music? Nope But Here's A Better Idea

    Sonos For Music? Nope But Here's A Better Idea

    Sonos Sound Review I was excited. Finally, after never-ending construction, my "tiny house" was ready. Moved in, unpacked boxes, mounted the TV on the wall, added a DISH, and hopped on the couch prepared for TV magic. But there was a problem. Hardwood floors, a cathedral ceiling, and BIG windows created an echo chamber. I couldn't hear my Sony Bravia...
  4. 2018 Rocky Mountain Audio Festival

    2018 Rocky Mountain Audio Festival

    CANJAM Booth #61-62 (Rocky Mountain Event Center) Preparing for CANJAM 2018 I was asked when I attended the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival (RMAF) for the first time. I couldn't remember. 2005 was probably our first audio festival. Moon Audio and our Dragon audio cables moved from garage to an office in 2003. Heading to the Denver audio festival two years...
  5. Three Audio Upgrades To Love Your Music Again This Summer

    Three Audio Upgrades To Love Your Music Again This Summer

    Roon Labs, makers of the new Roon Nucleus home music streaming network, defines the problem for today’s music lovers well: “In the transition from physical to digital media, something has been lost. We have more convenience, but no feeling of excitement or engagement.” Back in the day music engaged many senses. Sight Album art became the paintings of baby boomer youth...
  6. Bronze Dragon IEM Cable

    Bronze Dragon IEM Cable

    There's a new Dragon in town - the Bronze Dragon for 2 pin in-ear monitors (IEMs). In a brief interview this week, Moon Audio founder and chief engineer Drew shared why his company created a new Dragon. "We noticed some IEMs sound thin and cold," Drew explained, "and that's easy to understand given the challenge of creating spacious and warm...
  7. How To Train Your Dragon video

    How To Train Your Dragon video

    Dragon Audio Cables Dragon Audio Cables were created by Drew Baird founder of Moon-Audio.com. I've experienced the sound difference Drew's cables can make on Shure IEMs, Focal, and Fostex headphones.  I owned a pair of Shure IEMs for a year before upgrading to Silver Dragon cables and will never wait that long again. Even before "break-in" I hardly recognized my music...
  8. Cables Matter Video

    Cables Matter Video

    Just Ask Drew - Why Audio Cables Matter Video The Audio Cables matter video where my friend and Moon Audio founder Drew Baird riffs about audio cables remind me of reading philosophy in Mitch Miller's class at Vassar. Reading Heidegger, Nietzsche, or Kant was sure to put me to sleep even though every word, idea, and concept felt important. Sitting...
  9. Why Audio Cables Beat Bluetooth

    Why Audio Cables Beat Bluetooth

    Why Audio Cables Beat Bluetooth has a subtitle - and that's okay. We agree with Cnet. They wondered why customers were willing to lose sound quality for the sake of convenience. But there's a rub. During the summer I built a "tiny house" on my brother Drew's property in Efland, North Carolina. Yes, my brother shares his name with Moon...
  10. Los Angeles Audio Show 2017

    Los Angeles Audio Show 2017

    We're headed to Los Angeles Audio Show 2017, June 2nd - 4th at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles, California.   Please visit our table in the Headgear Room at Booth 121. Mention the code (at our table): Dragon For FREE Moon Audio Bands for your gear (up to 6 per person). Share a Dragon Audio Cable testimonial at the show (on camera...
  11. Chord Poly Connections Videos

    Chord Poly Connections Videos

    Chord Poly Connections to Chord Mojo The Chord Poly is the perfect companion for the Chord Mojo. Featuring powerful Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, this wireless streaming module turns the Chord Mojo DAC/headphone amp into a go-anywhere mobile wireless device. Chord Electronics created six videos entitled “Poly Lessons” to help you make the most of your streaming experience with frequently asked...

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