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  1. Headphones for Video Games Buyers' Guide

    Headphones for Video Games Buyers' Guide
    Video Games & Sound is lucky. We have great Ambassadors willing to help our growing community. We are very thankful avid gamers and Moon Audio Ambassadors Jonathan West (@army_firedawg or "Firedawg") and Matt James (@Gaboonvyper) offered to help write a Headphones for Video Games Buyers' Guide! Thanks to Jonathan, we know what gear will help win the game. Jonathan West (Firedawg)  Matt James (Gaboonvyper) Headphones for Video Games: Jonathan West For those who don't know me, I'm a 24-year-old firefighter for the Army. One of my favorite things to do in my off time is listen to music on high-quality headphones. No better way to...
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  2. New Headphones Review by Ambassador Gustav

    New Headphones Review by Ambassador Gustav

    The New Headphones Review by Gustav Lindqvist, a Moon Audio Ambassador, shares an audiophile's exploration to an unknown endpoint of testing headphones, audio gear & the music he loves. It reminds me of my personal journey of falling in love with headphone listening. We all love music and the memories music encapsulates in each of us. Gustav's New Headphones review journey starts with his favorite album, Art Pepper Meets...
  3. HiFiMan HE-6 headphones Review

    HiFiMan HE-6 headphones Review

    I have personally owned HiFiMan HE-6 headphones for about one year.  In my headphone review, I believe the HE-6 is truly, a pleasure to listen to, and definitely worth the purchase price of $1299.  About 10 years ago (an eternity in the personal audio world), headphones weren't important or popular with "audiophiles".  Few companies managed to get their attention and much...
  4. Chord Hugo Magazine at Moon Audio

    Chord Hugo Magazine at Moon Audio

    New Chord Hugo Magazine Immediately after hearing Chord Hugo at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) founder Drew Baird began creating new Dragons. Dragons are audio cables that make even the best audio gear sound better. I'm a Moon Audio Ambassador. When Drew asked if I would like to help tell the story of Chord Electronics YES! was the immediate answer...
  5. Hack Your Headphones on Curagami

    Hack Your Headphones on Curagami

    Hack Your Headphones We appreciate Moon Audio Ambassador Marty Smith calling our Hack Your Headphones idea "brilliant DIY marketing" on Silver Dragon cable for Audeze headphones v3 a "Branded Hack" Ready To Buy - 1 of 3 ways to hack your headphones Since we build Silver, Black and Blue Dragon audio cables by hand it is easy to offer...
  6. Music Listening 101: with LP, CD & streaming

    Music Listening 101: with LP, CD & streaming

    I am not a completist at critical music listening as the word suggests, but I am truly “a collector who attempts to collect an example of every music subtype in a particular genre”. However, I am a completist as I try to complete whatever I set myself out to do, and I try to do it well. Impatient, obsessed and tirelessly, I chase...
  7. HiFi-Pathway - Finding your own

    HiFi-Pathway - Finding your own

    Open the timer that you have on your smartphone. Set it to 5 minutes counting down and go to Open your mind and senses and just pick a random review, thread or blog entry. Within seconds, if you're anything like me and like most of us always on the lookout for new gear, you're lost. When that alarm goes off, it...

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