Bronze Dragon IEM Cable

There's a new Dragon in town - the Bronze Dragon for 2 pin in-ear monitors (IEMs). In a brief interview this week, Moon Audio founder and chief engineer Drew shared why his company created a new Dragon. "We noticed some IEMs sound thin and cold," Drew explained, "and that's easy to understand given the challenge of creating spacious and warm sounds from something plugged into our ears."

Standing in Moon Audio's Cary, North Carolina showroom Drew continued, "Easy to understand why IEMs sound thin when you realize those," pointing to a pair of MK Sound SS 150 speakers, "have to become these," holding up a pair of JH Audio Roxanne IEMs. 


Must become these

New Bronze Dragon Headphones Cables

Some two pin earphones need help to create "muscle" in the low end Drew told me. Muscle, depth, and warmth is something we hear and feel most when our audio gear is matched to produce the best sound.

Cables play a crucial role in how 2 pin Jerry Harvey Audio (JH Audio) JH16 Pro or any Noble Audio IEM sound - their "sound signatures." I asked about "sound signatures." Drew shared an analogy - Stradivarius violins. "Strads are prized for their sound, "Drew said. "All violin makers use wood, glue, and varnish but Stradivarius violins sound different and better." Audio gear such as headphones, speakers, turntables, digital audio converters (DACs), and digital audio players (DAPs) have sound signatures too. Neutrality is nirvana in high fidelity audio. 

Searching For Neutral

The very best audio gear does the least Drew explained. "Coloring" or masking the original recording with sound artifacts or distortion is what audiophiles don't want. But there's an ironic problem - the less audio gear does, the more expensive it often becomes. 

"Just like life," Drew said about to play Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon on vinyl through my dream system, "making audio gear requires tradeoffs." 

By adding warmth and muscle to low end sound Moon Audio's new Bronze Dragon cables help 2-pin IEMs sound better. 

Drew's Cable Obsession

Cables can be overlooked by headphones and IEM makers. "Focus for most IEM makers is creating great miniature drivers and crossovers," Drew explained. Headphones cables, often outsourced, can color or distort the sound.

"We care more about sound than our R&D costs," Drew explained. "Our focus is creating cables to help high-end headphones and gear sound better." Music and sound are a subjective experience. Personal preference plays a considerable role in what Dragon is right for a customer.

The Right Dragons

As Drew shares in his Train Your Dragon video, each Dragon cable has "personality" and a mission.

  • Silver Dragon - Emphasis on mid to upper sounds so headphones soundstage feels larger yet more intimate like your head is a stage.
  • Black Dragon - Adds lower and mid-range depth, warmth, and presence.
  • Blue Dragon - Stays neutral and is best matched with neutral sounding gear.
  • Bronze Dragon IEM - Designed to round out the sound of older 2 pin in-ear monitors (IEMs) such as Alien Ears G16 and Gorilla Ears GX-8.

Find a complete list 2-pin IEMs Drew's new Bronze Dragons help in the SPECS tab of the product page (linked below). If you've upgraded with a Bronze Dragon Drew wants your feedback, experience, and thoughts. Please add your review to Moon Audio's Bronze Dragon page

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