Best High End Headphone Setup for Travel

The Beyer T5p offers you a world class high fidelity headphone that can not only be used on the home front but can also be used as a primary portable headphone. If you are in a situation where your budget only allows for 1 headphone to cover all the bases, then this is truly the phone for you.

The alternative to the T5P is that you own a Beyerdynamic T1, V-Moda M100 and also some portable phone for the road.  The T5P is a full sized can, so some of you may find that a turnoff for portable use, but if you are an audio nut like me then it's a non-issue.  I have no problem traveling with a full-size can. The Beyer T5P is not as small as the Ultrasone Edition 8, but it is in the smaller sized, full size can category.  The best headphone cable match from Moon Audio for the T5p is the Moon Audio Black Dragon V2 Headphone Cable.

Fostex HP-P1, Moon Audio Black Dragon V1 IEM LOD Cable and iPhone 5

An excellent portable headphone amp that Drew recommends as a great sonic match for the T5P is the Fostex HP-P1 portable headphone amp and DAC.  Also, make sure to add the Moon Audio Black Dragon V1 IEM LOD to USB Cable to your order because the Fostex HP-P1 has a USB A connector on it and any external battery charger can be used to add more listening time on that 30-hour airplane flight, train ride, etc.  In turn, the Fostex will recharge the iPod while it's connected as well!  Let's face it, no portable amp batteries are going to last forever and the Fostex has this great mini USB input that can save you a lot of time and enhance your listening session as well!  :)

Fostex HP-P1
Fostex Case
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