Beats Headphones Better?

Beats Headphones Better?

Are Beats headphones meant for audiophiles? Audiophiles love technology and gear as much as music. They have passionate debates about headphones, cables and matching everything to get the best sound. Kudos to Beats for broadening headphones awareness. More people know about audio equipment and headphones thanks to beats. We love music too. That's why our founder Drew Baird created Dragon Audio cables. We love and work with audiophiles. We are on the same journey toward "better sound". Important for the next generation of audiophiles to know and understand their headphone options. Beats spent millions in advertising, but, as Time Magazine and other sources point out, Beats may not be the "best sound" for your money.  Review our Headphones Options page suggestions. One of our customers asked if we could "hack" beats with our cables. Drew and our team can "hack"  just about anything. Here is the story of "hacking beats headphones". Beats Headphones Hack We hack headphones all the time. Video below shows our team hacking a pair Beats Solo2  with our Blue Dragon headphone cable V3.

Want your Beats headphones to sound better? Box up your Beats headphones and send 'em to:

Hack My Beats Headphones
c/o Moon Audio
106 Brady Court
Cary, NC 27511

Want to learn more?  Click HERE or leave a question below and we'll answer it LIVE on the blog.  Thanks for reading our post. Beats Solo Headphones Blue Dragon      

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