Paul Dmitryev

Paul is a Moon Audio Ambassador and has been reviewing hifi gear for some time, holding a strong presence in the Russian-speaking audiophile circles. "My biggest pleasure is to find a new gear, evaluate it and describe it for other people, looking for quality in sound." Favorite Genre / Artist: Rock / Nightwish (for now) Favorite Audio Gear: Lear BD4.2 with Resonessence Labs Concero HP Lives In: Mykolaiv, Ukraine

  1. HiFiMan HE-6 headphones Review

    HiFiMan HE-6 headphones Review
    I have personally owned HiFiMan HE-6 headphones for about one year.  In my headphone review, I believe the HE-6 is truly, a pleasure to listen to, and definitely worth the purchase price of $1299. About 10 years ago (an eternity in the personal audio world), headphones weren't important or popular with "audiophiles".  Few companies managed to get their attention and much less their money, but HiFiMan was definitely one that did. In 2010, with the release of the HE-6, one of HiFiMan achieved one of its biggest advancements into personal audiophilia. It was HiFiMan's top of line headphone in 2010; however, in May...
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