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Marty Smith

Founder Curagami, cancer survivor, Moon Audio Ambassador.

  1. The Chord Hugo Story

    The Chord Hugo Story
    Learn how John Franks, Rob Watts and the Chord Electronics R&D team changed the world of music and sound with their revolutionary Digital Analog Converter (DAC named Chord Hugo) in our new Chord Hugo Magazine. 
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  2. Chord Hugo Magazine at Moon Audio

    Chord Hugo Magazine at Moon Audio

    New Chord Hugo Magazine Immediately after hearing Chord Hugo at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) founder Drew Baird began creating new Dragons. Dragons are audio cables that make even the best audio gear sound better. I'm a Moon Audio Ambassador. When Drew asked if I would like to help tell the story of Chord Electronics YES! was the immediate answer...
  3. Moon Audio Icon On Your iPhone

    Moon Audio Icon On Your iPhone

    Moon on Your iPhone Looking for easy access to Here's how to add the icon to your iPhone: Goto Select Share icon Select Add To Desktop Click long name & edit to shorter name. Rename & Click Add. The MOON is now on your iPhone! iPhone Icon
  4. Moon Audio Headphones Market Makers

    Moon Audio Headphones Market Makers Headphones Market Makers There it was. I'd stumbled on a truth I knew - was helping new headphones, DAC and high-resolution music and media players gain traction, become known and establish brands. In the Google Trends chart above searches tower above new brands or products being helped by Drew Baird and’s advocacy, passion, and support. Finally...

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