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Founder Curagami, cancer survivor, Moon Audio Ambassador.

  1. Chord Hugo2 Unboxing Video

    Chord Hugo2 Unboxing Video
    Hugo 2 Unboxed After spending the morning typing up the transcript from Drew's amazing Cables Matter video I realized something. Boxing videos don't need transcripts. I just get to watch this Hugo2 DAC unboxing video and wish upon a star. The Hugo 2 is on my "Will Work For Gear" wish list. Want to really turn me green with envy? Share your Hugo 2 unboxing and listening experience using the form below. Rock On! Moon Audio Ambassador Curagami Founder Martin Wescott Smith
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  2. Focal Clear Unboxing Video

    Focal Clear Unboxing Video

    Start at 0:00 I remain mystified about how a French speaker company makes such great headphones. I say that despite spending hours listening to the "speakers on your head" experience created by the Focal Utopia cans.  If you've bought or experienced the new Focal Clear headphones please share your reactions via the form below.  Thanks,  Martin --- Moon Audio Ambassador...
  3. Cables Matter Video

    Cables Matter Video

    Just Ask Drew - Why Audio Cables Matter Video The Audio Cables matter video where my friend and Moon Audio founder Drew Baird riffs about audio cables remind me of reading philosophy in Mitch Miller's class at Vassar. Reading Heidegger, Nietzsche, or Kant was sure to put me to sleep even though every word, idea, and concept felt important. Sitting...
  4. Why Audio Cables Beat Bluetooth

    Why Audio Cables Beat Bluetooth

    Why Audio Cables Beat Bluetooth has a subtitle - and that's okay. We agree with Cnet. They wondered why customers were willing to lose sound quality for the sake of convenience. But there's a rub. During the summer I built a "tiny house" on my brother Drew's property in Efland, North Carolina. Yes, my brother shares his name with Moon...
  5. U2 Joshua Tree Headphones Recommendations

    U2 Joshua Tree Headphones Recommendations

    U2 Joshua Tree headphones share memories of a great album. I heard Joshua Tree for the first time on a beautiful spring day in 1987. I opted for the back way home after a hard day at the candy factory. Leaving M&M/Mars in Hackettstown, New Jersey windows were down, and U2 was LOUD. The Delaware river flowed peacefully on my left...
  6. Headphones For Video Games 2

    Headphones For Video Games 2

    Headphones for Video Games: Matt James Sound For gaming, sound is paramount. Whether needing to hear environmental cues like gunfire in a first-person shooter video game or simply reveling in AAA games atmospheric soundtracks, sound plays a massive role in my video game enjoyment. I spend coin on a top-shelf graphics card to enjoy a video game's eye-candy. I can’t fully...
  7. Focal Utopia Headphone Review

    Focal Utopia Headphone Review

    Focal, the French speaker maker, blows up what the word “headphones” means with the new Utopia headphones. After spending several hours with Focal’s “Beryllium M-Shaped Drivers” a few things were clear. Focal’s Utopia headphones are the best cans I’ve heard and I own a pair of Shure KSE1500s and Fostex TH900. Thanks to friends at, I’ve listened to great...
  8. Mojo Review - En fuego

    Mojo Review - En fuego

    Mojo Review - En Fuego Mojo Review - en fuego. Drew returned from England with a tiny black box sure to set audiophile and music lover ears on fire - Chord Electronics new Mojo Digital Analog Converter (DAC) and headphones amp. Today I heard what the fuss was about. Can't get much more "on fire" than Chord's new DAC. Moon's...
  9. Chord Mojo Rising

    Chord Mojo Rising

    Chord Mojo Rising Chord Electronics new Mojo DAC (Digital Analog Converter) reminds us how many musical revolutions started in England. The Beatles, Stones and Sex Pistols defined the music of their and our times. Chord Electronics, located in a pump house built in 1878 not far from London in the village of Maidstone, is creating a new portable digital music...
  10. Moon Audio's Old School Craftsmanship

    Moon Audio's Old School Craftsmanship

    Black Dragons & Sennheiser HD800 Review Working at in Cary, NC a few days a week is fun, cool and keeps me in Chord Hugo DACs and Fostex TH900s headphones. If you see a "Will Work For HiFi" sign I'm probably holding it. I love working where a brilliant engineer (Drew Baird) thinks of new ideas and inspires a...
  11. Meet Drew Baird At RMAF

    Meet Drew Baird At RMAF

    Meet Drew at RMAF 10.2 - 10.4 Get your audio questions answered this weekend in Denver. Drew left early this morning for the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival.  "Drew Baird is a tremendous source of knowledge. He can guide you through the (audio) cable jungle. Since Drew has such a huge knowledge of a wide selection of amps, DACs (Digital Analog...

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