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  1. Summer 2015 Concert Festivals - Large

    Summer 2015 Concert Festivals - Large
    This summer we want to keep you up to date on some of the hottest music festivals around the world. Going to festivals is a great way to discover new music and engage with other like-minded music lovers. This weekend across America there are 3 large festivals we are highlighting: 1. The Shaky Knees Music Festival - Atlanta, GA (May 8-10, 2015) This indie-rock coalition has been gaining headway since its debut 3 years ago. This 3-day festival includes acts like The Strokes, The Pixies (Drew's favorite band), Social Distortion, and so many more. For more info on this Atlanta, GA...
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  2. Ambassador Review Contest Update

    Ambassador Review Contest Update

    The Ambassador Reviews contest is going very well!  We are very thankful to those who are actively involved in this contest. Many votes have been cast and we are on our way to some WINNERS soon.  Stay tuned...and keep voting for your favorites!  Now, we would like to address a few rules moving forward: 1. We want to reinforce this is...
  3. Stomp: A percussionist's dream

    Stomp: A percussionist's dream

    STOMP made its way to North Carolina this past weekend to DPAC in Durham, NC with an incredible performance. The creative use of “street” objects to create a heart pounding groove is the "heart" of this popular show.  It is the brainchild of Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas of Brighton, U.K.  It originally premiered in 1991 and the show is a percussionist’s dream. Since...
  4. PS Audio FREE Upgrade

    PS Audio FREE Upgrade

    Free Upgrade for your DirectStream DAC...see below PS Audio is offering a free upgrade that will have your DirectStream DAC sounding significantly better. Pikes Peak Operating System will take your DirectStream to the next level. "Was it worth it? Absolutely. Were the changes subtle and hard to hear? Neither the slightest bit subtle, nor hard to hear. Should you update your...
  5. Sennheiser Momentums Go Wireless

    Sennheiser Momentums Go Wireless

    At #CES2015 this week in Las Vegas, Sennheiser unveiled their upgraded Momentum headphones and we're impressed. We have been fans of the Sennheiser Momentum headphones since they were introduced. We think they deliver a fantastic sound at a very affordable price, and now they also offer a Wireless option. MOMENTUM (M2 AEi/G) The 2nd generation of the Momentum headphones include the following improvements...
  6. Gentleman's Toy Box: On The Go Listening Made Easier

    Gentleman's Toy Box: On The Go Listening Made Easier

    Here at Moon Audio we are always trying to show you new ways to listen to your music "On the Go", at your desktop, at your laptop, and in the office with ease and "EXCELLENT" sound. We have this picture listed as the "Moon Audio Gentlemen's Toybox 2012" for a reason as it has a good mix of the toys...
  7. Blue Dragon Portable Mini VS. Portable Interconnect

    Blue Dragon Portable Mini VS. Portable Interconnect

      "Just Ask Drew" - Drew Baird, P.E. that is...the President/CEO, Mastermind, Creative Genius, Music Lover, Mr. DJ/Music Man, and owner of Moon-Audio.com in Cary, NC. Moon Audio received this question early this morning and we are hoping some others out there may have needed the same information hence why we are sharing it on our blog this morning.  ...
  8. Florence and the Machine Concert - Raleigh, NC

    Florence and the Machine Concert - Raleigh, NC

    Drew and I went to the Florence and the Machine concert in Raleigh, NC at the Red Hat Amphitheater on September 21, 2012, and it was AMAZING!!!  We really knew it would be a great time but who really knew if she would be just as great LIVE and in person?!!!  Well, she is and her voice is nothing short...
  9. Listening 101

    Listening 101

    Moon Audio finally has a BLOG! Yippee, we are on board and are making attempts to be current and on board with our loyal customers, followers, groupies, rock stars and friends alike! Welcome, welcome, welcome...and thank you for reading this! We are going to try and unleash some of our "why" for doing things over here in the audiophile marketplace...

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