Sonic Surprises: Auris Nirvana Tube Amplifier Review

Auris Nirvana Headphone Amplifier Review shares the textured, layered, and concert-like experience created by Milomir Trosic's flagship headphone amplifier - The Auris Nirvana tube amp. Listening to Auris Nirvana demonstrate why headphones create great listening experiences, great listening moments. 

  • Intimacy - It feels like you're in the music as if it was written and played just for you. 
  • Soundstage - great headphones don't view "intimacy" and "soundstage" as contradictions. 
  • Textures & Surprises - I discovered nex textures and sonic surprises. 
  • Auris Nirvana Free Lunch Challenge - Listen to Auris and if your ears aren't smiling lunch is on me.

Auris Nirvana Headphone Amplifier Review - Intimacy

When Moon Audio founder Drew Baird is excited about audio gear learning why is a journey worth taking. "How did you hear about Auris," I asked Drew this morning. "Headphone Guru's Frank Iacone told me we should hear and sell the Serbian audio gear," he explained connecting a pair of Focal Utopia headphones with Black dragon cables plugged into an Auris Nirvana tube amp. Music came from an iPad with Roon core, Tidal and Drew threw in a new Bricasti M1 DAC ( a new "network DAC coming to the Moon soon) just because he could.

Auris headphone tube amp review Towner album art"Concert-like" was the phrase I noted listening to Ralph Towner's 1974 album Solstice. Towner's album reminded me of why I liked every musician on Solstice. Towner guitar sounds haunting, dramatic, and beautiful combined with Garbarek's soprano saxophone and Weber's fluid driving base. The "Auris surprise" revelation was Jon Christensen's swinging drums. "Stunningly Beautiful," said Michael G. Nastos' Roon note and never more true than listening to the Auris Nirvana's tubes."

Auris founder Milomir Trosic mentions "full enjoyment in smooth detailed sound," as one of his company's goals. Auris Nirvana's powerful amplifier delivers. "Their amp can drive any headphones," drew explained further. Focal Utopia has never sounded so warm, full, detailed, and lively.

With the Nirvana, Auris wanted to make a premium quality amplifier that enables the user to plug in any headphones they like. From the easiest to drive dynamic headphones to the hardest to drive Planar magnetic headphones. The Nirvana is extremely powerful for a headphone amp and with 6.5W pure class A per channel it’s an absolute beast.
Headphones Guru

Auris Nirvana Headphone Amplifier Review - SoundstageAuris Nirvana headphone amp Review Founder Milomir Trosic image

"STONES SOUND," is what I wrote in caps listening to Hot Rocks 1964-1971 remastered. Ron Wood's bass is the sonic surprise here. You hear the Stones' "Wall of Sound" on Jumpin' Jack Flash

Wood's bass in Time Is On My Side and Sympathy For The Devil creates a real sonic surprise. Sonic surprises happen when you haven't heard half the textured detail before auditioning high fidelity gear. Midnight Rambler live may be the best live recording I've heard despite or possibly because of the clarity of many drugged screams clearly present. My ears were so happy I wanted to shout too. 

Auris Nirvana Headphone Amplifier Review - Textures & Surprises

Soccer Mommy's Clean was Auris Nirvana's "sonic surprise" proof. Sophie Allison's voice is strong yet quiet. Clean is Allison's first studio album and the mixing board, something Marcey Donelson calls "conspicuous tools" on Roon, fights the lead singer's vocals. Auris Nirvana gives Allison's voice texture, warmth, and strength. Allison's voice, highly personal lyrics, and her well-crafted album sound great.Auris Nirvana review Soccer Mommy Clean album image

Without the Auris Nirvana supplying Milomir Trosic's "smooth detail" Soccer Mommy's voice is easily lost in what Donelson calls the album's "unsettled harmony". Without power Allison's vulnerable, simple, quiet voice goes away. And you don't know what you don't know or in this case you don't miss what you don't realize is there. Once you hear your music's "smooth detail" there is no going back. Drew respects Frank and I trust Drew. And it didn't take me long to hear why Drew was excited about Auris.

Auris Free Lunch Challenge

Skeptical about Auris headphone amp's "sonic surprises?" Understandably so I challenge skeptics to a headphones listen-off in Cary, North Carolina. Contact us to set an appointment (M-F 9 to 5) in our Show Room. Drew will set you up with Auris + other audio gear sure to melt your skepticism. I'll leave my home in the country to attend another "sure to blow your ears off" listen. If you aren't surprised, smiling, and reaching for your CC lunch is on me."


Auris Nirvana tube headphones amplifier

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