Auris Euterpe - 2019 DAC/Tube Amp Product of the Year

The Popular DAC/Amp Wins Headphone.Guru Award

"Many of the headphone Amp/DACs I have used over the years with other similar designs had trouble driving all headphones without compromise. Bravo for Auris for being able to create an all-around product that can achieve exceptional performance using many different headphones.

The midrange is exciting with articulate vocal presentation and a pristine treble that lets you enjoy recordings with cymbals, bells, triangles, and horns. The bass is fully textured and digs deep enough to satisfy most bass lovers.

The soundstage while using many different headphones or IEM’s [sic] was always stellar. Never did I miss anything in my favorite recordings and was treated to memorable performances that always made listening easy and fatigue-free. The Euterpe soundstage is outstanding and the ability to recreate and make large scale dynamic recordings come to life was breathtaking.

The Euterpe is a world-class design that commands attention for both its beauty and the musicality it creates. The small footprint design is easy to use in any room or office. Miki Trosic has successfully created a product for a competitive and affordable price that offers much of what you hear in the reference line at a much more affordable price. Bravo to the folks at Auris for introducing another amazing product that is a true all-around sonic masterpiece. Auris continues to stir the listener’s imagination with their beautifully constructed European designs."

Frank Iacone

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